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Does Consolidating Debt Make Sense?

When a family has mounds of debt, it can be challenging to conquer. If you're not careful, credit card balances or student loan debt may grow instead of shrinking.

author: Women Who Money

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Reflecting on Our Glorious King

I can remember awkwardly placing our newborn daughter into an oversized car seat on our first car ride home from the hospital. Though in our teens, we were even more cautious than...

author: Cindi Killen

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Let Me Tell You the Story of Christmas

Here are some of the fiery darts I've read on social media recently: 

author: Traci Rhoades

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Weathering the Storm of Grief During the Holidays

If we are honest, it has been a painfully challenging year. For some of us, our lives will be forever changed because of losses we have experienced. Medi-Share’s Spiritual...

author: Deborah Ryan

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Rethinking the True Meaning of Christmas

There are so many different voices clamoring to tell us the meaning of Christmas.

author: Craig Constantinos

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Blessed are My Fellow People on the Autism Spectrum & Those Who Can Relate to Us

The following is an excerpt from Brant Hansen's book, Blessed are the Misfits: Great News for Believers Who Are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They're Just...

author: Brant Hansen

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How I Got Started with Foster Care and Adoption

[As seen in Charisma Magazine] My husband and I got married right out of high school when we were both 18. We had been married about a year when some friends of ours, close to the...

author: Makayla Robinson

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Thanksgiving Unites 

In   C  O  N  G  R  E  S  S, 

author: Bill Adams