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Erin is a former Communications Specialist at Christian Care Ministry. She loves being a wife and first-time mama. She's spent time working in Education, Youth Ministry, Administration, and now Communications. Through her previous work experiences, Erin developed into the passionate, creative communicator that she is today. Erin loves to hike, mountain bike, rock climb, backpack, and hunt in her free time.

Inviting God into the New Year

Dec 31, 2022

Reading time: 4 Minutes

Erin Englert

Can I be honest with you all? New Year’s Day seems a little sneaky to me. After we’ve spent the last two months gorging ourselves on cream cheese balls and all manner of delicious sweets, we are walloped with a holiday that has self-evaluation baked into its DNA. Like, seriously? Who planned this out? I’m not ready to be under the microscope!

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