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Transforming Lives in Guatemala: Carlos' MPTO Story

Apr 3, 2024

Reading time: 3 Minutes

Allison Tsamoutales

In the next section of our series featuring employees leveraging their Mission Paid Time Off (MPTO) for mission travel, we look at the touching story of Carlos Torres. Guided initially by his pastor's inspiration, Carlos makes an annual pilgrimage to Guatemala, where he serves as a vital translator on medical mission trips. While his team provides medical treatment to the locals, they also prioritize spiritual guidance, aiming to lead men, women, and children to the Lord. Carlos expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to allocate his MPTO hours, covering three days of the week-long journey. Let’s explore what makes this mission profoundly meaningful for him.

Leading in ministry from a place of rest

Oct 27, 2023

Reading time: 8 Minutes


Hurry is not God’s best for leaders. Many are leading under the influence of their stressed-out and overwhelmed lives. We struggle and strive to see God’s call on our lives fulfilled and to reach more people with His message of hope. All the while, we are daily withering under the pressure of family demands, careers, and ministry obligations. There will always be pressure in leadership, but it should never be the place you lead from.

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