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Wes Lindsey serves as the Sr. Director of Marketing for Medi-Share/Christian Care Ministry. He and his wife Lydia, have four daughters, Melaina, Elyse, Adalyn, and Emma. In 2023, Wes and Lydia celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Since 2003 they have served in various ministerial roles, including music, children, youth, small groups, drama, tech, and pastoral ministry.

Celebrating National Bible Week: A Foundation for our Children

Nov 18, 2022

Reading time: 5 Minutes

Wes Lindsey

There are few things in life that I wish for more than a bright future for my children. Yes, I want them to be successful in whatever career or ministry God calls them to. Of course, I want them to experience the joy that comes from raising a family of their own. Sure, I would even love to leave them a nice inheritance, have their college aspirations fully funded, and keep them from experiencing many of the learning pains I had as a young adult.

The Tomb Really Is Empty!

Mar 29, 2018

Reading time: 4 Minutes

Wes Lindsey

April 1st, is the infamous day of prolific practical joking. For one day only, jokesters across the nation will laughingly share their pranks while unsuspecting individuals become the brunt of punch lines. Individuals, friends, family members, neighbors, radio DJs, and even a few news anchors are known to get in on the action in an attempt to make others laugh.

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