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5 Fasting Practices for Lent and Beyond

Feb 23, 2024

Reading time: 5 Minutes

Allison Tsamoutales

Spiritual fasting is most commonly known today as abstaining from food for a certain period of time in order to humble ourselves and find spiritual solitude with God. Some do this to seek clarity when facing a challenge or big decision, some to simply reconnect with the Spirit. In Psalm 35:13, King David stated “I humbled myself with fasting, and my prayer was genuine.”

How to Have a Happy (Healthy) Thanksgiving

Nov 8, 2023

Reading time: 3 Minutes


By Laura Bollinger, RDN The leaves have changed colors creating a picturesque scene. As they fall, they provide a soundtrack for our every step. The air is crisp causing us to pull our jackets a little tighter. Summer is gone and autumn is in full swing, heralding the holiday season. It is a time to give thanks and celebrate family, friends, and yes, even food.

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