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Got Tax Questions?

Instructions for Medi-Share Members When Filing Income Taxes

author: Christian Care Ministry

Healthcare Sharing

The Gift of Community: Together Protecting Healthcare Sharing

By Shanneé Tracey, Government and Policy Affairs Representative at Christian Care Ministry   Despite the government shut down, lawmakers across the country have started...

author: Shannee Tracey


We Are Medi-Share – The Fernandez Family

Both Jose and Estrella came to the US from Cuba as children, on a freedom flight and a banana boat, respectively, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

author: Christian Care Ministry

Healthy Living

How to Workout in Cold Weather

“Chilly weather workouts can amp energy, burn more calories, and improve your mood.” -Womenshealthmag.org

author: Christian Care Ministry

Christian Living

The Uncertainty of Something New

By Stephen Myers, Director of Ministry Development

author: Stephen Myers

Healthcare Sharing

New to healthcare sharing? Here’s what you need to know…

If you recently joined Medi-Share and are not sure what that entails, we’re here to help! Joining a healthcare sharing ministry can involve a learning curve, especially if you...

author: Christian Care Ministry


What Is Life Insurance and Why Is It Important?

By guest financial blogger, Daniel Mattia

author: Guest Blogger

Healthy Living

This is How to Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

The alarm rings. You struggle out of bed. Take the dog outside. Start coffee. Wake the kids. Start breakfast. Get the kids dressed for school. Get yourself dressed for work....

author: Christian Care Ministry