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There's Just Something About Sisters

Whether you grew up with a brother or sister, or maybe multiple siblings, those with whom you share parents (and sometimes a room with!) create a bond that is not usually...

author: Rebecca Barrack

Christian Living

What Is Your Identity?

My mom was born at home in eastern Tennessee in 1935. She was the third girl and named Bennie Mae after her dad. Not unusual in a rural farming community of the time, my...

author: Cindi Killen

Healthcare Community

Medi-Share Eliminates Medical Debt during 1DayLA Outreach

Following a week of service at the Center of Hope in Inglewood, CA for 1DayLA, Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share leaders celebrated partnerships with Volunteers in Medicine...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Healthy Living

5 Tasty Ways to Celebrate National Avocado Day

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about avocado toast; it’s all the rage and for very good reason, too! Avocados are not only super flavorful when seasoned right, but they have...

author: Chloe Viesins

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How to Use a No-Spend Challenge to Break Shopping Habits

Are you an impulse spender? It turns out you’re not the only one. Millions of Americans make unnecessary purchases every day. Each year, consumers spend an average of $5,400 on...

author: Guest Blogger

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5 Delicious Junk Food Alternatives for Healthy Living

When life gets busy or stressful it is so easy to fall into the convenience and comfort of junk food even though we know it’s bad for us.

author: Deborah Ryan

Community employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jenni Green

At Medi-Share, we have some really outstanding employees who work hard to serve our members each and every day. As we seek to impact the Kingdom through excellent customer...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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DIY vs. Hiring It Out: Choosing Home Renovation Projects You Can Handle

There are plenty of reasons to jump on the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) bandwagon this year. After spending a long time at home during the pandemic, you may be ready to update a...

author: Women Who Money