An Affordable
Alternative to
Health Insurance


An Affordable
Alternative to
Health Insurance




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What is Medi-Share Complete?

Medi-Share Complete is a comprehensive alternative to health insurance. Medi-Share provides you with access to quality health care at an affordable monthly cost. With annual household amounts from $3k to $12k, Medi-Share Complete has options that work best for you and your budget.

Medi-Share Complete Includes:


AHPThe dollar amount a Member Household must pay toward their Eligible Medical Bills during a 12-month period before their Eligible Medical Bills will be approved for sharing. Options

$3K, $6K, $9K, $12K

24/7 Access to TelehealthOn demand health care from the comfort of your own home.

Sharing in TeleBehavioral Health

Healthcare BluebookShopping tool designed to help you find quality providers, location and pricing before scheduling your appointment.

Maternity Care

PPO Network

Hospital, Surgical, and Other Medical Expenses

Member Discounts including Dental, Vision, & Prescription

Refer-A-Friend $100 Incentive

How Medi-Share Complete Works For You

  • Family at a Telehealth Visit

    24/7 Access to Telehealth

    • Access board certified doctors.
    • Receive the care you need.
    • Get a prescription, if needed.
    • Usually takes 30 minutes or less.
    • No out of pocket costs.
  • Family at a doctor visit

    In-Person Doctor Visit

    • Choose your doctor and schedule your appointment.
    • Show your Medi-Share card and pay $35 Provider Fee.*
    • Receive the care you need and let us take care of the rest.
    • We negotiate discounts and facilitate direct payments to Providers. 

    *See Guidelines (Section III. E.) for instances where pre-notification is required
  • Woman at the Emergency Room

    Emergency Room

    • Call 911
    • ER Visit Fee: $200*
    • We work to negotiate discounts on your behalf.
    • We facilitate direct payment of medical bills to Providers.

    *See Guidelines (Section III. E.) for instances where pre-notification is required. 
  • img-MediShare-WorksForYou_Value03

    Surgery & Hospitalization

    • $35 Provider Fee*
    • No limit for eligible procedures and admissions.
    • Receive the care and treatment you need. 
    • We negotiate on your behalf and facilitate direct payment to Providers. 

    *Maternity Exception (Section VI. A) for more details and information. 

Experience More from Your Health Care


Access to 1M+ Providers Nationwide
Nationwide provider access and price transparency through Healthcare Bluebook.


Perfect For Families
One affordable household amount regardless of household members.


Direct Bill Management
Medi-Share directly manages medical bills on your behalf.


No Minimum Bill Submissions
No qualifying minimum to submit for reimbursement.


Why Choose Medi-Share Complete?

Medi-Share Complete provides you with a seamless transition to an affordable membership with nationwide provider flexibility. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your medical bills are being cared for by a Christian Community.

See What Our Members Are Saying

  • “Medi-Share was so good to work with, and helped significantly with my medical bills. No hassles at all and they do what they say they are going to do. I feel very secure with Medi-Share.”

    Pamela D.

  • “We have been with Medi-Share since 1997 and have been THRILLED with the service!!! God Bless you Medi-Share”

    Jason T.

  • “Medi-Share was there for us when our newborn needed unexpected emergency treatment at the hospital two years ago. We love it. Its low cost allows us to save and pay for the little stuff however we like, and yet have a safety net against the occasional overwhelmingly expensive medical needs.”

    Benjamin C.

  • “We’ve had a great experience with Medi-Share and would recommend them to anyone who needs a healthcare solution. Customer service is wonderful!”

    Allyson H.

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Medi-Share is a nonprofit health care sharing ministry of Christian Care Ministry, Inc ("CCM"). Medi-Share members voluntarily share each other's medical expenses in accordance with guidelines adopted by the members and administered by CCM. Medi-Share is not insurance and is not regulated as insurance. Neither CCM nor any Medi-Share member assume any legal obligation to share in the payment of any medical expense incurred by another Medi-Share member. Medi-Share members are exempt from the individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. See 26 U.S.C §5000 A(d)(2)(B). Certain states expressly exempt from insurance regulation healthcare sharing ministries that, among other things, post a specific notice. Although Medi-Share does not rely on such express exemptions, Medi-Share has elected to publish theses notices. You can review the disclosure required for the state in which you reside: KY, MD, PA, WI - All Other States. - Click to view our privacy policy.