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5 Fun Ways to Eat Vegetables

Feel better and improve health by increasing your vegetable intake. Getting your 5+ servings a day of vegetables can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduce the...

author: Deborah Ryan

Community Families

The Art and Practice of Seeing Jesus

I remember being a child in the early 90’s, in the days before internet was available in every home, much less in every hand. Our family had a routine of watching Wheel of...

author: Stephen Myers

Financial Families

Saving on Summer Travel [But not scrimping on the fun!]  

Now that spring has sprung, you may be looking forward to a much-needed summer vacation! And you’ll have plenty of company as you hit the road and spend some time away from...

author: Women Who Money

Christian Living Families

Reflections of a First-time Mother

Cards and flowers and breakfast in bed. Homemade gifts with little handprints. Notes of appreciation and extra hugs. A day of pampering. Can we ever actually thank our mothers...

author: Erin Englert

Healthy Living Families Singles

Is Sugar Good For You?

Pop quiz! Is eating a lot of sugar good for you?

author: Megan Moore

Financial Families

Encouraging Your Teen to Start Investing

It’s a common misconception that having money is against good Christian values. But there’s a huge difference between hoarding wealth and saving money so you can attend to your...

author: Teresa Arnold

Financial Families Singles

7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Financial House

A popular New Year’s resolution is to get your financial house in order. But if addressing money matters wasn’t your goal in January, spring is the perfect time of year to get...

author: Women Who Money

Healthy Living Families Singles

Spring Clean Your Home While Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

Many households try to reduce the number of chemicals in the food we eat and in our houses with our cleaning products. But something happened this past year. As stores were...

author: Deborah Ryan