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Leadership In Focus

What We Don’t Talk About  

author: Phillip Snyder

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Admonish One Another

It’s Sunday morning and Leroy doesn't want to get out of bed.

author: Bill Adams

Christian Resources Business Inspiration

8 Pro-tips from a Career Coach for Successfully Starting a New Job

Tens of millions of people have left jobs to start new career opportunities over the last couple of years as part of the phenomenon labeled "the Great Resignation".

author: Patrick Smith

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Employees at Christian Care Ministry had the privilege of hearing from Michael Alexander, VP of Software Engineering and Technology, during our morning chapel service recently!...

author: Michael Alexander

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Forgiveness: Very Simple or Highly Complex

Many have heard of “The Nazi Hunter,” Simon Wiesenthal. He’s famous for tracking down Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust and bringing them to justice. Fewer know of Wiesenthal’s...

author: Bill Adams

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God’s Goodness in the Good Samaritan

I believe that each day God is shaping, molding, perfecting all of us in some way and most of the time while He does this, we are completely unaware…

author: Dave Hess

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7 Essential Money Tips for Recent College Graduates

Graduating from college is a major milestone for many young people and can be an exciting transition into adulthood.

author: Women Who Money

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Rethinking Longsuffering: The Gift in Patience

Longsuffering. I always thought that meant a long period of suffering with the focus on the suffering. I am currently in a trial that has lasted so much longer than I could have...

author: Deborah Ryan