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Forgiveness: Very Simple or Highly Complex

Many have heard of “The Nazi Hunter,” Simon Wiesenthal. He’s famous for tracking down Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust and bringing them to justice. Fewer know of Wiesenthal’s...

author: Bill Adams

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God’s Goodness in the Good Samaritan

I believe that each day God is shaping, molding, perfecting all of us in some way and most of the time while He does this, we are completely unaware…

author: Dave Hess

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7 Essential Money Tips for Recent College Graduates

Graduating from college is a major milestone for many young people and can be an exciting transition into adulthood.

author: Women Who Money

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Rethinking Longsuffering: The Gift in Patience

Longsuffering. I always thought that meant a long period of suffering with the focus on the suffering. I am currently in a trial that has lasted so much longer than I could have...

author: Deborah Ryan

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Breaking the Stigma of Talking About Mental Health in the Church

Did you know Medi-Share supports a Medi-Share Pastors’ Alliance? The MPA serves and supports church leaders and the Biblical work they do.

author: Christian Care Ministry

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The War in Ukraine and the work of Slavic Christian Ministry

When he's not working hard helping Medi-Share members in our call center, Ron Putnam changes lives as President of Slavic Christian Ministries (SCM) by aiding those devastated by...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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How to Move Forward With Your Grief

Walking through grief is a journey that has no manual. It isn't something we move on from but something we move forward with. This week on Something to Share  Marcia shares about...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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Raising Boys to Be Godly Men

In this episode of Medi-Share's Something to Share, two parents, Courtney and Mikaela, talk about their efforts to raise their children to become followers of Christ and future...

author: Christian Care Ministry