Medi-Share Pricing

Medi-Share Pricing Options

With Medi-Share, there’s an option for every budget. Use our pricing calculator to see how much you can save.

Medi-Share Pricing Calculator

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Medi-Share Program Options

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*Conditions Apply:

  • Eligibility for a Health Incentive Discount (HID) is based on certain health standards. Applications must be approved by the last day of the month in order for the discount to be applied to the second month following your Health Incentive approval date. HID applications must be submitted anually.
  • Some health risks/conditions require membership in our Health Partner Coaching program, which will add $99.00 to your Monthly Share.

*One-Time Fees:

  • Medi-Share applicants pay a one-time, non refundable $50 application fee.
  • New members pay a one-time $120 member fee that is paid with the first Monthly Share payment (does not apply to Senior Assist members).
  • There is also a one-time fee of $2 for setting up your sharing account.



Medi-Share Features to Enjoy

Affordable options for every budget Save hundreds of dollars on monthly health care costs
• Medi-Share members typically save 50% per month

Proven track record Experience the confidence of knowing eligible bills will be shared
• $4 Billion+ shared and discounted since 1993

Free Telehealth for Medi-Share members Save time and money with FREE 24/7 Tele-Health
• Access board-certified doctors from your home or office

Prayer support from the Medi-Share community Prayer support from our community of Christians
• Receive encouragement and prayer from fellow Medi-Share members

Vast network of PPO providers Have access to a nationwide network of 900,000+ care providers
• Search our PHCS network of providers

No individual deductibles One Annual Household Portion for the entire family
• Medi-Share minimizes the stress of meeting individual deductibles

No lifetime sharing limits 100% of Eligible Medical Bills shared after your AHP is met
• No annual or lifetime sharing limits

We negotiate on your behalf Medi-Share works with providers to save you time and money
• We negotiate discounts and coordinate member sharing for you

Additional savings for Medi-Share members Additional savings on dental, vision, and prescriptions
        • Use your savings access card for deeper discounts

Health Incentive discount for those who qualify Enjoy up to 20% off your Monthly Share
• Health Incentive Discount available for households who qualify

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