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Medi-Share Pricing

Medi-Share Pricing Options*

With Medi-Share, there’s an option for every budget.

Monthly Share amounts are based on your household size, age, marital status, state, and the Annual Household Portion. Enter your information to see program options and pricing.


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Medi-Share Program Options

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Medi-Share Membership Includes

Telehealth: Unlimited access to board-certified doctors
Select Savings Card: Enjoy deeper discounts including Lasik
TeleCounseling: Unlimited Professional Virtual Counseling Services 
Refer-A-Friend: Earn $300 for referring others to join
Prescription Discounts: Additional savings via, GoodRX, and NeedyMeds
Health Incentive Discount: Discount option based on healthy lifestyle standards.
PHCS: Nationwide network of 900,000+ providers 
Prayer and Encouragement: Receive support from our Christian community


The Hughes Family | Medi-Share Reviews
"Every time I got off the phone with Medi-Share, I was at peace."
- Pastor Cary Hughes



*Conditions Apply:

  • Share prices are for new members joining this month. Future share prices may be adjusted based on membership medical usage and will be indicated on your member share notice.

One-Time Fees:

  • Medi-Share applicants pay a one-time, non-refundable $50 application fee (Waived through November 30th).
  • New members pay a one-time $120 new member fee (Waived through November 30th).
  • There is also a one-time administrative fee of $2 for setting up the sharing account.

Health Incentive Discount:

  • For those who qualify, applications must be approved by the last day of the month in order for the discount to be applied to the second month following your Health Incentive approval date. HID applications must be submitted annually.

Health Partnership:

  • Some health risks/conditions require enrollment in Health Partnership, which will add $99.00 to the Monthly Share.



The Medi-Share Difference

Chart icon

Direct Bill Management

Medi-Share directly manages medical bills on your behalf.

Stopwatch icon

Quick Share

90% of bills shared within 30 days

Pricing icon

No Bill Too Large

More than $4 Billion shared since 1993.

Doctor icon

Nationwide PPO Network

Choose from a network of 900K providers.

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Patented MSE Technology

Technology designed to help you save time and money.

House icon

One AHP Per Family

Save money with no individual or per-incident deductibles.

Envelope icon

100% of Eligible Bills Shared

Once AHP is met, no per person or per incident charges.

Check box icon

98% Customer Satisfaction

Member loyalty score is 2x the national industry average.

Bible icon

Aligned With Your Values

We provide health care that supports and honors biblical values.

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No Annual Caps, Lifetime Limits, or Re-Qualification

Eligible Bills are shared at 100% after member responsibility is met (maternity exception).

How Medi-Share Works



Free 24/7 Doctor Appointments

FREE 24/7 virtual visits.

With Tele-Health, you have virtual access to board certified doctors all day, every day.

Receive the care you need & get a prescription, usually in less than 30 minutes.

In-Person Visit with the Doctor

Choose a doctor from our extensive PHCS network & schedule your appointment.

Show your Medi-Share card, pay a $35 provider fee, and receive the care you need.*

We work to negotiate discounts and facilitate direct payment of medical bills to providers using member shares.

Emergency Visit

ER Visit Fee $200.*

We work to negotiate discounts and facilitate direct payment of medical bills to providers using member shares.

Connect with Medi-Share Members for Prayer and Support

*Reference the Medi-Share Program Guidelines for instances where pre-notification is required (Section III. E.).

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