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The Intersection of Peter’s Passion with the Passion of The Christ:

Peter’s response to anniversary reaction.

author: Traci Rhoades

Healthy Living Families

5 Fun Ways to Eat Vegetables

Feel better and improve health by increasing your vegetable intake. Getting your 5+ servings a day of vegetables can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduce the...

author: Deborah Ryan

Community Families

The Art and Practice of Seeing Jesus

I remember being a child in the early 90’s, in the days before internet was available in every home, much less in every hand. Our family had a routine of watching Wheel of...

author: Stephen Myers

Financial Families

Saving on Summer Travel [But not scrimping on the fun!]  

Now that spring has sprung, you may be looking forward to a much-needed summer vacation! And you’ll have plenty of company as you hit the road and spend some time away from...

author: Women Who Money

Community Medi-Share Reviews

National Cancer Survivor Day: Tough Battles with Powerful Outcomes

In honor of National Cancer Survivor Day this Sunday, we want to recognize our strong and resilient members who endured the battle of cancer. They have fought and now have...

author: Chloe Viesins

Healthy Living

How Exercise Can Help Inflammation

Achy joints, minor swelling, even aches related to weather change are common hindrances to pursuing activity goals. Many things can sidetrack us if we let them, whether...

author: Lisa Eliason

Community Medi-Share Reviews

There's Something About the Extra Blessings in Life

Have you ever had that moment where a stranger shared a smile or a friend went the extra mile to make you feel beyond loved and special? Something totally out of the blue or...

author: Chloe Viesins

Christian Living Community

He's Out of His Mind!

Then he went home, and the crowd gathered again, so that they could not even eat. And when his family heard it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying, “He is out of...

author: Bill Adams