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How to Fit Exercise into Your Work Day

Some of you may still be working remotely, while others are back in the office. Despite what your work environment looks like, there are ALWAYS ways to be productive at work and

author: Christian Care Ministry

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How Not To Quit Your New Year’s Resolutions

res·o·lu·tion rezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n 1. a firm decision to do or not do something  

author: Rebecca Barrack

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What To Do With Grief

Grief isn’t a topic people like to talk about, but this side of eternity it’s paradoxically a part of life.

author: Guest Blogger

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How Family Influence Can Be a Good Thing

Lately, there has been a lot of talk within Christian Care Ministry about family. Maybe it is an annual topic at Christmas time and it is simply resonating with me as I’m...

author: Cindi Killen

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5 Ways to Impact Your Mental Well-Being Through Physical Well-Being

Most of us could probably agree that life can be extremely busy and hectic at times. From work, to holiday activities, to family obligations, to global disruptions, there...

author: Jesse Wirges

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Did someone say DIY?

  Christmas time calls for hot cocoa by an open fire, cozy snuggles, Christmas cookies, your favorite holiday movies, and decorating every inch of your house with lights and...

author: Chloe Viesins

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How to Enrich Your Family Time in the Word

This advent season of 2020, families have a unique opportunity to gather in their homes and prepare to celebrate the coming of the Son of God to earth in the form of a baby....

author: Guest Blogger

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Craft Your Way Into Christmas!

  Our very own employee here at CCM, Valencia DeLoatch, is back with DIY Christmas festivities! Check out the other crafts she's shared with us in our previous blog, "Deck the...

author: Christian Care Ministry