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5 Myths that Lead to Mom Guilt

Before I became a parent, I thought the term “mom guilt” was so silly. Why would all these lovely moms even think for a second that they weren’t good enough?! Clearly they were...

author: Erin Englert

Christian Living Families

10 Practical Principles for Raising a Boy to Be a Godly Man

As seen in Charisma: Children are a true blessing from God, even on the days we may not feel like it. It is both an honor and a tremendous responsibility to raise a child up in...

author: Deborah Ryan

Financial Families

Does Relocating to a Lower Cost of Living Area Make Sense?

If you’ve checked the news headlines over the last year, you’ve likely seen the claims that millions of Americans have relocated to more affordable regions of the country...

author: Women Who Money

Christian Living Families

Lord of the Sabbath

Labor Day is set aside to honor those who work hard. It’s meant to grant the laborer a holiday of much-needed rest.  

author: Bill Adams

Financial Families Business Owners

Retirement Planning & Saving When Self-Employed

You’ve heard the advice many times before, save for retirement. But have you started yet?

author: Women Who Money

Healthy Living Families

How Much Should I Eat?

Think of the last meal you ate in a restaurant. Do you think the plate it was served on was larger or smaller than your dinner plate at home? Do you think portions served were...

author: Megan Moore

Healthy Living Families

6 Important Tips that Will Impact Your Child's School Year

While things seemed to be getting back to normal, the start of this school year may be another uncertain one. Many parents are wondering if their child's school will be open...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Community Families Singles

There's Just Something About Sisters

[As appeared on Star Tribune] Whether you grew up with a brother or sister, or maybe multiple siblings, those with whom you share parents (and sometimes a room with!) create a...

author: Rebecca Barrack