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Healthy Living Families

The Mid-Life Woman’s Battle: Staying Fit After Forty

Take up your sword, because being fit after age 40 feels like an uphill battle for most women. But good news: it’s a battle you can win!

author: Megan Moore

Community Families

The Importance of U.S. Constitution Week

Hello from your Government Gal, Lindsey! September is here and it is one of my favorite months! I am excited to share with you perhaps a little known celebration that receives a...

author: Lindsey Swindle

Financial Families

Free online calculators to help you manage your money

How much of my monthly income should I save? Should I invest or pay off debt? Which debt should I pay off first? What car loan can I afford? How much should I be investing for...

author: Women Who Money

Healthy Living Families

Healthy Sandwich Swap!

Healthy Sandwich Swaps in a Flash! A better lunch box is in the making...

author: Megan Moore

Christian Living Families

A Word to the Wives

Oh that “S word” that simultaneously bristles the backs of feminists, apostates, and some Christian women.  

author: Cindi Killen

Christian Living Families

God is the best parent

A colleague came to me recently after she had noticed a somewhat surprising trend: millennial parents are far more likely than previous generations to raise their children without...

author: Craig Constantinos

Community Families

Top 5 Tips for the Beginner Camper

It was June of 2020. Many radical decisions were made during that early pandemic season. When faced with isolation and quarantining, working from home, and all the other drama the...

author: Dawn Carroll

Christian Living Families

What Does a Spiritual Leader in Marriage Look Like?

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader? In my mind, a spiritual leader is not someone who tells me how to act, how to believe, and how to live my life; it is someone who...

author: Jacob Putzer