A Medi-Share Family

What is Medi-Share?

Established in 1993 under Christian Care Ministry, Medi-Share is an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. As a Christian community that believes in a Biblical lifestyle, Medi-Share members agree to share in the burden of new and unexpected injuries or illnesses. 



How Healthcare Sharing Works




On average, Medi-Share members save 50% per month on healthcare. Each family selects an Annual Household Portion (AHP), which is the amount that must be met before their Eligible Medical Bills are shareable. Medi-Share members enjoy:


household icon 2    PPO: Choose from over 750,000+ providers in our nationwide network, PHCS.

icons-medishare_15-2    FREE Telehealth: 24/7 access to board-certified doctors.

icons-medishare_31    Prescription Discounts: Check out the savings at myrxprice.com, GoodRX and NeedyMeds.

icons-medishare_33-1    Select Savings Card: Enjoy incredible savings - even Lasik surgery.

pricing icon 5    Health Incentive Discount: Up to 20% discount for qualifying families.

icons-medishare_21    Refer-A-Friend: Earn $100 for referring others to join.

icons-medishare_05    Prayer and Encouragement: Receive support from our Christian community.

icons-medishare_03-1    Affordable: Find an Annual Household Portion and Monthly Share that fits your budget.

icons-medishare_30-1    Disability Sharing: Manna replaces up to 80% of your income.




How Medi-Share Works


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