Pastors' Alliance

Pastors' Alliance

How Medi-Share is supporting our member pastors and churches

We know it's a difficult time to be in ministry. Pastors and ministerial staff need support now more than ever. It's why we’ve launched Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance, a new community for pastors. Consider it our way of supporting our amazing church leaders as they support the Church.

The Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance is here to serve and support you and the Biblical work that you do.

As part of the Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance, you will receive access to services and resources that will empower your calling, reach, and cultural impact. We also want to provide the tools and support you need to be strengthened and encouraged as a leader.


A new support system for pastors

Through the Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance community, pastors have access to an abundance of resources. They will connect with other church leaders, sharing in faith and engaging in life.

The call is noble. But caring for a congregation that is more isolated than ever is challenging.

say they're tired
say they're overwhelmed
say they're  lonely

Barna: State of the Church, 2020

Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance Features

At Medi-Share we believe in the power of community. We mean it when we say our members come first, because serving you is our calling.

Key Feature

Free Professional Virtual Counseling Health visits exclusively for pastors

When you’re focused on others it’s easy to forget about yourself. Let us help. We’re providing free Professional Virtual Counseling health appointments for pastors.

Additionally, each member has the opportunity for three face-to-face sessions annually.Because everyone needs someone to talk with.

Key Feature

VIP access to The Success with Groups On Demand Content

The Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance has partnered to provide you access to The Success with Groups On Demand content.It will showcase innovative examples and tactics used by real-life leaders and practitioners.


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Join the Medi-Share Prayer Network


Access to the NEW Medi-Share Employer Program

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Access to the Mental Health Pilot report

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Direct feedback to Medi-Share leaders

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Become a part of one of the Partner Programs Initiatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all pastors eligible?

Any pastor who is a Medi-Share member is eligible to join Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance.

How many Professional Virtual Counseling visits will I receive with membership?

There are no limits to phone session visits a member can conduct.  Each member has the opportunity for 3 face-to-face sessions annually.

Do I have to be a pastor to be a part of the Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance?

If you serve in a paid or vocational ministerial position, you are eligible to become a member of the Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance. This includes all forms of pastoral leaders.


Shared Values

If you’re interested in joining the Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance, we’d be happy to discuss with you further.

To get started, just fill out the form below and let us know if you any questions. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

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