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Confused About Open Enrollment and Shrinking Options? Here's a Solution!

The shortened Open Enrollment period of 2017 may have had you concerned about what to do for your family when it comes to healthcare. The days of having an abundance of...

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6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Oral Health

October is Dental Hygiene Awareness month, and dental health reminders are ideal right now as sweets are more abundant.

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Listen For the Still Small Voice

By Michelle Paris, CCM employee

author: Michelle Paris

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It's All About Time

By Dan Norris

author: Dan Norris

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6 Ways to Beat That Sugar Addiction

A slice of pie here, a few cookies there, an extra helping of Grandma’s Jell-O mold. Sweets are enjoyable to eat. We get it! Especially during all the holiday parties and...

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Bet You Didn't Know About This Medi-Share Perk

Whether it's cold and flu season or seasonal allergies taking hold of you, you'll want to take advantage of this amazing service:

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God Prepares Us: One Mother's Story of Loss and Healing

In observance of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month...

author: Michelle Paris

Oct 17. 2017

"Why I Switched to Medi-Share:" In Their Words

"Given the recent rise in premiums through the exchanges, I know we're continuing to see even greater savings by being a part of Medi-Share."

- Philip Taylor

author: Christian Care Ministry