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Sep 28, 2022

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Family walking

There’s something so beautiful about being able to share in one another's medical burdens, knowing we are helping out our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and being the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives all around us! Our members have played a crucial role in meeting each other's needs and are blessed in return by being part of the Medi-Share community to lift them up in times they need it the most. 


Below are a handful of member testimonials that will encourage and lift your spirits to see the love of Christ being spread every day through prayer and generous hearts! 

  • "Great program that saves our family a lot of money!" What a blessing!! -anonymous


  • "Medi-Share has been a blessing. I love the community lifting each other and being able to have the peace of mind that Medi-Share offers." -Lynlea K.


  • "After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was blessed to have Pamela from Medi-Share walk alongside me. She cared, prayed with me, and checked in on me after my surgeries. What a blessing!" – Jodie

  • "Medi-Share has helped me save about $7k per year for the past three years. Your ministry is a true blessing!" – Joanne B.


  • "We have been so blessed by all of the Medi-Share family. My husband had to have surgery on his neck and everyone was so helpful. I thank God every day that we found this family. God has blessed us in so many ways." -Donna C.


  • "I appreciate the cost savings by using Medi-Share. This allows me and my family to use our money towards our health and doctors and not a big insurance company that dictates procedures. My health, my money, my choices with my doctors." - Kristina L.


  • "I have enjoyed my experience with Medi-Share especially the savings over traditional insurance and the unexpected coverage of health care visits." – Kelly B.


  • "Any time I need to talk to member services, the staff are kind, polite, and always happy to offer a prayer on behalf of my family." -Kimberly B.


  • "Medi-Share has been great for my wife who owns her own business and needed health care coverage. She has been able to get discounts for her doctor visits. We would highly recommend it." -Ron D.


  • "We have been members of Medi-Share since 2014. We believe in the philosophy we should do all we can to help all our brothers and sisters. It is uplifting to know our household portion we pay each month goes directly to other members in need. In 2021 and up to this point in 2022 we have had a need for assistance with medical bills. We now know the feeling of being a part of a large family that takes care of each other. Medi-Share has been a blessing to us and we are so thankful we decided to join 7 years ago!" - Audrey B.


In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, it says, "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." 


We are blessed every day to get on the phone and talk with our members. From our health coaches, to working with providers, to prayerful phone calls, we strive to embody Christ in all we do.


We pray you were encouraged by these stories of hope! If you have a Medi-Share story to tell, we want to hear from you!


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