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Medi-Share Partners with CarePortal for 24-hour "Give Backathon" IT Effort

It’s one thing to have good intentions, but Medi-Share’s IT department also has heart! The team used its skillset and paid time off to volunteer to help those in...

author: Deborah Ryan

Christian Living Community

How Chris Norton Turned Tragedy into Triumph

Have you ever been knocked down? Maybe even hit hard while you were already down? If so, this story is for you.

author: Bri Jacobs

Christian Living Community

Katie Norris - Capturing Stories That Defy the Odds

There is power in community, faith, and a story. Stories can inspire and restore hope. There have been times in the last year when it seemed hope was in short supply, but...

author: Bri Jacobs

Community Families

Employee Spotlight: Melissa Howe

Melissa Howe is a beloved employee here at CCM and a senior member of the process improvement team. Today, she shared a little bit with us about her personal life, professional...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Community Medi-Share Reviews

Share YOUR Story!

There’s something so beautiful about sharing the love of Jesus with others simply by acting as the body of Christ as we lift up our brothers and sisters in need! Our members...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Community Families Singles

9 Ways to Stick With Your Resolutions

[As appeared on Minneapolis Star Tribune] Here we are, just a few months into the New Year. How are those resolutions looking?  

author: Rebecca Barrack

Community For the Love of Medi-Share

Meet Rhonda M.!

Medi-Share is a community of people who share one another’s burdens and walk through life together. One of the best parts about this community -- aside from saving up to 50% or...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Community For the Love of Medi-Share

Meet Sarah R.!

Medi-Share believes our members deserve an affordable option for their family’s health care needs - especially when the savings allow you and your family to live the life that...

author: Christian Care Ministry