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Christian Living Community

How to cultivate a lifestyle of kindness

It had happened again. I just couldn’t believe it. Seriously? How could I be so absent-minded?

author: Erin Englert

Healthy Living Community

I Want the Truth: Navigating Nutrition Claims, Trends, and Truths

Everyone has an opinion these days, and thanks to social media you can shout it from the rooftops as fact or “your truth” whether it’s supported by evidence or not.

author: Laurie Schrider MS, ACSM-EP

Healthy Living Community

15 hobbies to try that don't involve screens

Anyone else feel convicted when you get your “screen time” report on your phone each week? What about TV? How much time in front of that screen do we get sucked into during the...

author: Rebecca Barrack

Christian Living Community Business Inspiration

Want to Build Unity on Your Team? Serve Together!

Over the years I have been involved in many leadership and team-building activities. In most of them I have learned some great principles and made some strong connections. One of...

author: Eric Mellert

Community Business Owners Business Inspiration

Why Transparency in Leadership is Vital

Our CEO, Scott Reddig, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Brad Formsma, host of the WOW Factor podcast, to chat about his upbringing, Medi-Share, and his emphasis on...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Christian Living Community

Why Mentoring Shouldn’t Be Intimidating

I did not aspire to be involved in mentoring. In fact, if mentoring had been a conscious choice, I would have run as far from it as possible.

author: Deborah Leach

Healthcare Community Healthcare Sharing

For the Love: Jason N.

Our members feel called to share in each other’s burdens. It is this principle of LOVE that makes what we do at Medi-Share so special.    

author: Christian Care Ministry

Healthcare Community Healthcare Sharing

For the Love: Kali K.

At Medi-Share, we believe in helping you stay connected to a vibrant and strong Christian community. For a lot of people, that’s something worth sharing! 

author: Christian Care Ministry