Member Moment: Wendy’s Story

Nov 22, 2023

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Wendy Green and her son

Fifty over zero. That was the blood pressure reading for Wendy Green’s oldest son after being bitten by a rattlesnake. “They gave him all the anti-venom that they had in the whole hospital,” she says.


Over the past three decades, that snake bite represents just one of the medical emergencies her family has experienced, all while being members of Medi-Share.


Wendy Green joined Medi-Share at its inception 30 years ago. She remembers the date easily, since her very first medical expense was a home birth for her daughter, who will turn 30 in January.


“All I had to do was write something up, have my midwife sign it, and [the home birth] was taken care of,” Wendy recalls. “I was so pleased.”


She and her family joined Medi-Share along with others from their church. “I love that the money is used to help other families. That just warms my soul,” she says.


Wendy is a master herbalist and nutritionist, so she prefers natural remedies over going to the doctor whenever possible. Thus, an alternative to traditional health insurance has proven to be the best fit for her family. In fact, Wendy had previously been with a different health care sharing program prior to joining Medi-Share. But when the other program became overpriced, she was excited to find a suitable replacement at a lower cost: Medi-Share!


Even though Wendy most often opts for homeopathic solutions, there have been several instances over the years when traditional medicine and health care sharing have been necessary.


Perhaps the most shocking situation was the previously mentioned rattlesnake bite. When her oldest son was nine, he suffered a vicious snake bite and had to be immediately rushed to their local hospital. Doctors there did everything they could to stabilize his critical condition, then sent him via ambulance to a larger hospital nearby.


By the time they arrived at the second hospital, her son began to respond favorably to the anti-venom. However, he still required ICU care, followed by a stay in the children’s ward to monitor his health and recovery.


“God spared him!” Wendy says, with awe still laced in her words 25 years later. “I have a lot to be thankful for. And I’m thankful that we didn’t have the medical bills afterward that would’ve crippled us. Medi-Share took care of everything.”


Boy in a hospital bed


Wendy also endured breast cancer treatment during her membership with Medi-Share. From diagnosis to rehabilitation, she never doubted the medical bills would be taken care of.


In fact, she was pleasantly surprised that Medi-Share even shared in what some traditional insurance companies would consider a “comfort” item. While going through breast cancer, Wendy developed lymphedema, a swelling condition that can sometimes occur as a complication of cancer treatments. To help alleviate the lymphedema, she went to physical therapy where she was urged to get a specialized vest to deal with the symptoms. When she asked if Medi-Share would share the cost of the vest, she was given the green light.


“My mother dealt with lymphedema for 23 years — the rest of her life — but I don’t have it anymore,” Wendy says. “I was able to correct and reverse it within six months because of the help I got. I know the big insurance companies would not have paid for these things.”


Over the years, Wendy has had other medical difficulties such as a thyroid removal, a burst ulcer, and a MRSA infection. “Medi-Share has always gone above and beyond. There’s been no questions asked.”


For everyday health issues, Wendy still prefers natural remedies, but she also appreciates having telehealth appointments available through MDLive. “I really like that option. Sometimes all I need is a consult,” she says.


Five years ago, Wendy had the opportunity to switch over to insurance through the VA. She looked over the VA coverage and found it lacking, so she decided to stay with Medi-Share. Now she qualifies for Medicare, but she plans to continue on with Medi-Share as a supplement. “I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about Medi-Share,” she says. “We’ve been very pleased.”


The past 30 years have certainly had their medical ups and downs for Wendy Green, yet she maintains a few constants. The first: “God has never let me down.” And the second: “There’s no way I’m leaving Medi-Share. I’m sticking to Medi-Share like glue!”


Medi-Share is grateful for members like Wendy who have faithfully shared each other’s healthcare burdens for years. The past three decades of ministry wouldn’t be possible without you!

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