Transforming Lives in Guatemala: Carlos' MPTO Story

Apr 3, 2024

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Photo taken in city of Guatemala with Volcano in the back

In the next section of our series featuring employees leveraging their Mission Paid Time Off (MPTO) for mission travel, we look at the touching story of Carlos Torres. Guided initially by his pastor's inspiration, Carlos makes an annual pilgrimage to Guatemala, where he serves as a vital translator on medical mission trips. While his team provides medical treatment to the locals, they also prioritize spiritual guidance, aiming to lead men, women, and children to the Lord. Carlos expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to allocate his MPTO hours, covering three days of the week-long journey. Let’s explore what makes this mission profoundly meaningful for him.



“The people we treat have so much love in them, with having so little. They are so grateful to see us and they don’t understand why we take the time to help them. By the time we arrive, there are already hundreds of people waiting to see us. They would wait for hours to be seen with no complaints. It’s amazing how smoothly everything goes when we get to each location- even the kids are behaving through it all! They enter our facility and get the medical attention they need, which they wouldn’t receive otherwise. We then pray with them and point them to the Lord for their daily needs, and they leave with newfound hope and joy.”



Carlos and his team travel around the country setting up temporary medical facilities in various locations. Remarkably, their home base lies within the vicinity of the imposing Volcán de Fuego. From their dwelling, Carlos has witnessed the awe-inspiring spectacle of lava cascading down the slopes of the volcano, paired with the deep rumbling noises coming from within. Carlos has a great appreciation for the natural beauty of Guatemala, and of course with the people who fill it.



“Travelling to Guatemala makes me realize how blessed I am. I’m a wealthy man compared to the people we treat. I see the pain in their eyes. I see them look desperately at us for answers to their prayers. Our main goal is to lead them to the Lord. The majority of them are misled spiritually; they think they need to earn their way to Heaven. We clearly walk them through the Gospel, and you can just feel their relief, now understanding that it is finished, through Christ’s death and resurrection.”



As with every mission trip, Carlos and his team prioritize addressing the spiritual needs of the local people, aiming to guide them towards Jesus Christ. Their primary objective is to spread the gospel and nurture discipleship in Guatemala. However, they also recognize the importance of tending to the medical needs of the community. Through their tireless efforts, they fulfil the Lord's mission of making disciples, and ensure both spiritual and physical well-being are tended to with care and compassion.



“We see God at work in every location we travel to. The number of people that give their lives to the Lord is amazing- hundreds a day. We help connect them with a local church and pastor where they are discipled, equipped and loved well.”


baby smiling at medical facility
Carlos and local man
Man praying at a table with locals
Volcán de Fuego errupting
Medical professional holding baby
Volcán de Fuego

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The remarkable narrative of Carlos Torres and his team's mission in Guatemala exemplifies the tangible impact of Mission Paid Time Off (MPTO). By strategically using his MPTO hours, he not only translates essential medical conversation but also imparts hope and spiritual guidance to those he encounters. Witnessing the transformative work of God firsthand, they leave behind a legacy of compassion and faith, showcasing the practical significance of MPTO in making a difference in the lives of others. Stay tuned for more employee stories involving MPTO and missions!

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