From Work to World-Changer: Kim's MPTO Adventure

Mar 20, 2024

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women locking arms walking in South Asia

Amidst workplace initiatives fostering community involvement, Mission Paid Time Off (MPTO) stands out as a powerful tool for employees at Christian Care Ministry (CCM). With 24 hours of dedicated MPTO provided by CCM, individuals like Kim Mahoney seize the opportunity to serve purposefully. Join us as we explore Kim's experience in South Asia, shedding light on the impactful role MPTO plays in cultivating a culture of compassion and action within CCM and its broader community:


"I have always loved the idea of MPTO. I have used my MPTO locally every year since I started working at CCM. This year was the first time I used it as part of my time off for a mission’s opportunity. The trip to South Asia was planned for a duration of 2 weeks. Using MPTO really allowed me to get all the time needed for a trip that took 30 hours in total just to get there. It was an experience of a lifetime.


I went with a team of 7 women. A Pastor and wife team from the country we visited, (unnamed due to sensitivity), have been requesting women to come to this part of their country for years. The women in this region have been under-reached, marginalized, and oppressed. We traveled to remote villages and cities where very few outsiders come to visit. We were able to encourage women through preaching, sharing testimonies, prayer, and one-on-one conversations. Where there were language barriers we loved and hugged while they cried, trusting the Spirit of God was at work. We had opportunities to encourage those who minister to victims of abuse and human trafficking. We partnered with local pastors, leaders, and organizations committed to sharing the gospel, discipling, and bringing freedom to women (children and men) spiritually and physically.


One of the highlights of the trip was visiting a small village which took 6-7 hours on a rugged road to finally reach. We met the mayor and then were invited to be part of an inauguration of the country’s first “Women Empowerment” site. The new safe house will be used for women to learn occupational skills that will provide for families and the community. Our team pastor spoke on the significance women can have on social and economic development. This is a huge step to see the church working together with community leaders who are not of the Christian faith to improve life for women. What an honor to be part of that day and new beginning.


mission in South Asia       

I learned a lot about the people; how some have suffered much to follow Jesus Christ yet with such joy they do. I’m challenged by how they sacrifice for each other. There is truly a hunger in these lovely people to know the one and only true God! I admire how they honor others; this is something we could learn in the western world. My view of global engagement was enlarged and challenged.


If you have never participated in a mission trip, consider it soon! It takes planning, but it is worth the time away from work and home - to see what God is doing in other parts of the world and to partner with Him in serving those he loves. You will be filled with an increased desire to see the whole world come to know Christ and you will get a taste of how much God loves the world! (John 3:16)"


Mission in South Asia


Kim Mahoney's recent mission trip to South Asia, facilitated in part by Mission Paid Time Off (MPTO) from CCM, vividly illustrates the practical impact of this initiative. By utilizing her MPTO for this purpose, Kim was able to contribute significantly to communities in need, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of service. Through her story, we see the tangible benefits of MPTO in enabling employees to engage in meaningful volunteer work beyond their local communities. Stay tuned for more employee MPTO stories to come!

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