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God is the best parent

A colleague came to me recently after she had noticed a somewhat surprising trend: millennial parents are far more likely than previous generations to raise their children without...

author: Craig Constantinos

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What Does a Spiritual Leader in Marriage Look Like?

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader? In my mind, a spiritual leader is not someone who tells me how to act, how to believe, and how to live my life; it is someone who...

author: Jacob Putzer

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What it means to abide in Jesus

The below article is an excerpt taken from Shaky Ground: What to Do After the Bottom Drops Out ©2022 Morehouse Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY 10016

author: Traci Rhoades

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Where Is Your Faith?

Where Is Your Faith?

author: Yvette Outler

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Gentleness, and the Excuses We Make

It’s Not Complicated We were in the “debate” portion of Speech & Debate during my senior year, when I made a classmate cry.

author: Phillip Snyder

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Forgiveness: Very Simple or Highly Complex

Many have heard of “The Nazi Hunter,” Simon Wiesenthal. He’s famous for tracking down Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust and bringing them to justice. Fewer know of Wiesenthal’s...

author: Bill Adams

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The Heart of a Father

There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place. – Deuteronomy 1:31

author: Jared Belton

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What NFL Rookies Can Teach Us As Fathers

Having two young daughters myself, I want to encourage dads as Father’s Day approaches by using a parallel to the sports world… 

author: Bryce Johnson