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11 Ways to Savor Your Marriage

My husband and I love to have guests in our home. Especially those who stay a few days. I try to make their room as comfortable as possible, even personally testing the bed...

author: Cindi Killen

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How to Change Your Perspective in 2021

Did anyone else make the foolish claim 365 days ago, “2020 is my year!”? I had high hopes, and was on the right track in many ways. That is, until March 17.

author: Rebecca Barrack

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What To Do With Grief

Grief isn’t a topic people like to talk about, but this side of eternity it’s paradoxically a part of life.

author: Guest Blogger

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How Family Influence Can Be a Good Thing

Lately, there has been a lot of talk within Christian Care Ministry about family. Maybe it is an annual topic at Christmas time and it is simply resonating with me as I’m...

author: Cindi Killen

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5 Ways to Impact Your Mental Well-Being Through Physical Well-Being

More people have reported an increase in mental health struggles do to the trials of this past year, COVID-19, and social isolation. There are many factors that play a role in...

author: Jesse Wirges

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How to Enrich Your Family Time in the Word

This advent season of 2020, families have a unique opportunity to gather in their homes and prepare to celebrate the coming of the Son of God to earth in the form of a baby....

author: Guest Blogger

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Do my fears define me or does God?

[As appeared on The Star Tribune] Time and time again in the Bible, the people of God share their stories and the stories of God’s people.   This is an important part of how...

author: Craig Constantinos

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The Peace of God During Times of Chaos

A new bench research facility survey finds that one-in-four adults have had trouble paying their bills since the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, domestic violence is on the...

author: Guest Blogger