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Christian Living

When You Don't Have Peace

By Stephany Eley

author: Dr. Stephany Eley

Christian Living

It's All About Time

By Dan Norris

author: Dan Norris

Christian Living

Sometimes We Just Need to Hear It Again

By Cindi Killen   Do you ever feel like maybe you take God’s Word for granted? That maybe it takes reading a passage for the 20th time before you truly grasp its meaning or...

author: Cindi Killen

Christian Living

This is What True, Authentic Community Looks Like

By Michael DiMuccio and Rebecca Barrack

author: Guest Blogger

Christian Living

Consistent Parenting in an Inconsistent World

By Wes Lindsey   As a father of four daughters, the only thing that I claim to know for certain about parenting is that I learn something new every day.

author: Wes Lindsey

Christian Living Community

Weak Dependence On a Mighty God

By CCM employee, Sam Leiro   On April 2nd, 2013 I got a call from my mother. She was crying. “Justin was killed last night,” she told me, sobbing.

author: Guest Blogger