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Here's What You Need to Know About the Rise in Healthcare Costs

It’s no secret that the overall cost of healthcare continues to rise at an alarming rate. It was projected that healthcare spending in the U.S. would increase by 5.3% in 2018...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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National Parents Day: An Employee’s Story

By CCM Marketing Intern, Jadasia Norris   In May we celebrated our Mothers; in June, our Fathers. So it’s only natural to celebrate our parents together in July!  

author: Guest Blogger


A Deeper Consolation

By Peter Rosenberger   As the news of yet another mass shooting confronted America following the tragedy in Annapolis, the frequency of these events may have created an...

author: Peter Rosenberger

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How to Eat Healthy While Away From Home

Ahhh, summertime. A time when many Americans pack up the family car or head to the skies for a getaway with the kids, or even a solo time of rest and relaxation.

author: Christian Care Ministry

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Do You Know Your Health Coaches?

In the late 90s, Medi-Share founder E. John Reinhold noticed the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) denomination submitting fewer medical bills than other members. At this time...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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One is Better than Two

By guest blogger, Matthew Lauritsen   Two is better than one, the writer of Ecclesiastes (4:9-10) tells us. And he’s right.  

author: Guest Blogger

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The Best Way to Save Money as a College Student or Recent Grad

When you're in college, you have plenty to worry you. Homework, studying for tests, and completing projects are enough to occupy your mind. Even after you've graduated, much...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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If the Machine is Broken, Protect Your Treasure

By Peter Rosenberger

author: Peter Rosenberger