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4 Reasons Why Christian Healthcare is a Blessing

Aug 12, 2014

Reading time: 4 Minutes


Hundreds of people have experienced firsthand the blessing of our Christian healthcare sharing program, Medi-Share. But what is it that sets us apart from the rest? These four Medi-Share members are a great testament of what can happen when Christians come together to share in each other’s burdens and the ways in which our Christian health ministry continues to go above and beyond for its members.

How Life Can Change in an Instant - Bobby and Sandra's Story

Jul 25, 2014

Reading time: 3 Minutes


  Medical emergencies can be some of the most frightening times in our lives. When a loved one is sick, or injured, family and friends carry that emotional suffering right along with them. Unfortunately, medical emergencies also bring with them the burden of bills that can climb to astronomical amounts. As Medi-Share members Bobby and Sandra discovered, Christian healthcare sharing provides both financial and emotional support with hundreds of prayers from concerned Medi-Share members during a medical crisis.

Affordable Healthcare Plans: A Guide

Jan 9, 2012

Reading time: 3 Minutes


With ever-increasing healthcare costs and pricey insurance policies, it is becoming harder to find an affordable insurance plan for your family without compromising your morals or needs. Thankfully, thousands of others like you are uniting in their concern and creating viable solutions.  

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