Book Review: Too Blessed To Be Stressed For Moms

Dec 14, 2018

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Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms

Many of our Medi-Share members are talented writers and accomplished authors. As part of our efforts to highlight these gifts, we’ll be regularly reviewing member publications on the Medi-Share blog.


Our first review is of a book that would make a great stocking stuffer for that busy mom in your life – your wife, mother, sister, or friend.


Debora Coty, a Medi-Share member for more than 10 years, is the best-selling author of the Too Blessed to Be Stressed series. In her latest release, Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms, Coty infuses more of her on-point wit and humor that she’s known for to connect with and encourage weary moms.


Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms


Her book is broken up into bite-sized chapters because, let’s face it, what mom has large chunks of time to sit down and read… uninterrupted? The chapters are short, devotion-like readings that include questions at the end (“Navigating the ‘Hood – Motherhood, that is) to either get you thinking if you’re reading on your own, or to generate discussion if you are reading through this with a group.


Coty has the ability to make you feel like you’re curled up on the couch with her, warm cup of tea (or coffee) in hand, chatting with your best friend. In her natural, casual style, she talks about her “Papa God” throughout the pages in a manner that has you easily yearning for that close relationship with the Heavenly Father.


You’ll be laughing out loud one minute and contemplating your life choices by the next page. But she makes one thing clear from the get-go: from cover to cover, her message is judgement-free. Why? Because she’s been there! And her thoughtful, yet funny anecdotes will have you nodding your head in solidarity and understanding.


It’s like she knows… because she DOES! “Being a mom is hard,” as she so accurately opens Chapter 15. Like a mother’s need to do all-the-things, as she explains so well in Chapter 10:


“One of the ironies of motherhood is that you do so, so much, but you always think you should be doing more. In the throes of exhaustion, your will can sometimes write a check that your body cannot cash.” Chapter 10 – Blabber Control Issues, Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh


Perhaps you’re needing to forgive someone; maybe even yourself. Well, there’s chocolate for that!


“The peace-keeping qualities of chocolate cannot be stressed enough. In fact, I can’t imagine why Jesus left it out of the Beatitudes: Blessed are the chocolate-givers, for they shall obtain forgiveness.” Chapter 12 – Chocolate Caulks Relationship Cracks, Forgiveness


Coty also masterfully describes a particular state of mind that many moms go through from time to time (okay, maybe a little more often than we’d like to admit):


“Grumplitude: It’s the scale of attitudinal grumpiness that fluctuates in direct relation to a woman’s (a) blood sugar, (b) hormones, and (c) sleep tank.” Chapter 14 – Zombie in Sweats, Finding Elusive Rest


No matter where you are along this motherhood journey, you’re sure to find some encouragement, lots of laughs, and heaps of biblical wisdom tucked in the pages of Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms. To order a copy (or two!), head over to her website where there are links to purchase through a number of distributors.


Deb CotyDebora Coty, author and Medi-Share member.







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