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Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

By Rebecca Barrack

author: Rebecca Barrack

Christian Living Community

Celebrate Christmas with Medi-Share, Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant

Medi-Share, an outreach of Christian Care Ministry, is proud to present the 2017 Celebrate Christmas Tour with Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey.

author: Christian Care Ministry

Christian Living Community

The “Why” of Becoming a Disciple-Maker

I am incredibly thankful for two men in my life that took the time to pursue me as a young man and began a process of discipleship that continues to have daily influence. Those...

author: Barry Sneed

Christian Living Families

When You Don't Have Peace

By Stephany Eley

author: Dr. Stephany Eley

Christian Living Community

It's All About Time

By Dan Norris

author: Dan Norris

Christian Living Community

Sometimes We Just Need to Hear It Again


author: Cindi Killen

Christian Living Community

This is What True, Authentic Community Looks Like

By Michael DiMuccio and Rebecca Barrack

author: Guest Blogger

Christian Living Families

Consistent Parenting in an Inconsistent World

By Wes Lindsey

author: Wes Lindsey