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Is Sugar Really That Bad?

In years past, war was waged against fat and cholesterol in the diet. Today, however, a new enemy has surfaced, and its name is ‘added sugar.' Added sugar includes any sugars...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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Is Healthcare Sharing Tax Deductible?

As the deadline to file your taxes this year rapidly approaches, many members and non-members alike have questions on how Medi-Share works and whether monthly shares or annual...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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How Are Medi-Share Dollars Making a Difference?

We want to share with you just how Medi-Share members' share dollars are making a difference in the lives of fellow members, members like the Petits who recently went through a...

author: Christian Care Ministry

Feb 24. 2017

We Bet You'd Never Guess This...

"Both men and women should be proactive against heart disease by living a healthy lifestyle. However, this may be even more important for women."

author: Christian Care Ministry

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3 Things to Know About Avoiding the Healthcare Penalty

If you still haven't chosen a healthcare solution for 2017, then you may be concerned about the individual shared responsibility payment (sometimes referred to as a "penalty")...

author: Christian Care Ministry

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Is maternity eligible for sharing?

Medi-Share Members value life and family! Pregnant Members who have faithfully shared from the month of conception through the month of delivery are eligible for maternity...

author: Christian Care Ministry