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Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Our director of ministry outreach at Medi-Share Stephen Myers, walks us through the in depth reasons of why we celebrate Easter and the significance behind!

author: Stephen Myers

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Katie Norris - Capturing Stories That Defy the Odds

There is power in community, faith, and a story. Stories can inspire and restore hope. There have been times in the last year when it seemed hope was in short supply, but...

author: Bri Jacobs

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Call the Midwife!

No…this is not a promo for the 2012 BBC Television series about the midwives of 1950s London. Yet I am willing to publicly confess right here, right now, that I actually...

author: Bill Adams

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Searching for Happiness in 2021

The search for happiness seems to define our lives. Consultants, life coaches, authors, motivational speakers, and many others earn millions telling people where happiness is...

author: Craig Constantinos

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What is True Beauty?

Beauty. What is it? Or, more importantly, how does this world define beauty?

author: Chloe Viesins

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O Soul, Are You Weary and Troubled?

Perhaps you don’t feel like it’s morning in America. You feel like we have entered dusk, and midnight will soon be here. Perhaps these thoughts have caused you to be angry,...

author: Todd Friel

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11 Ways to Savor Your Marriage

My husband and I love to have guests in our home. Especially those who stay a few days. I try to make their room as comfortable as possible, even personally testing the bed...

author: Cindi Killen

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How to Change Your Perspective in 2021

Did anyone else make the foolish claim 365 days ago, “2020 is my year!”? I had high hopes, and was on the right track in many ways. That is, until March 17.

author: Rebecca Barrack