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Oct 19, 2017

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Discover Medi-Share's virtual care member perk, which offers  prompt, quality medical assistance anytime. Telehealth - efficient and cost-effective.


It’s 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Your throat is sore, and you have a stuffy nose. You feel a cold coming on. “Just perfect,” you think to yourself as you sink back into the couch, pulling the blanket over your head.


Your doctor’s office is closed for the weekend, and the last thing you want is a visit to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.


But, there's good news for Medi-Share members! You no longer have to endure the weekend battling illness without professional guidance. Medi-Share has partnered with MD Live to provide a cutting-edge health care solution – a remote health care system offering virtual care. This service is designed for those who need medical attention but wish to bypass the long waits and challenges of traditional health care facilities.


So, what exactly is virtual care? Let’s delve into how this innovative service is revolutionizing the way Medi-Share members receive medical assistance.



A New Era of Patient Care: Virtual Health Care Services


Telehealth is a new, modern health care option for Medi-Share members that delivers an affordable, convenient, and efficient patient experience. With Telehealth, access to quality care is just a call or click away, ensuring peace of mind and prompt attention to your health concerns, no matter the time or day.


And all you need is an internet connection and the ability to make video calls. 


Through the use of technology, telehealth, or telemedicine, offers the convenience of high-quality virtual care. In minutes, you can have a “virtual visit” with a health care provider, receive a diagnosis, get orders for labs, and even receive a prescription if needed.


Telehealth’s popularity has grown significantly, especially since the pandemic, offering an easy and affordable alternative to in-person visits for medical care. In a study by, the average cost of a telehealth consultation is about $79 — far less than an in-person urgent care visit.


Medi-Share members, have 24/7 access to Telehealth at no additional cost, providing virtual health care anytime, anywhere!  Interested in becoming a Medi-Share member and taking advantage of perks like these? Click here to join today!






Why Choose Medi-Share’s Virtual Care Services?


MDLive’s board-certified physicians are skilled at diagnosing and providing a treatment plan for various conditions like allergies, cold & flu, ear infections, and more, at no extra cost  to Medi-Share members. But their convenience doesn’t stop there: an MDLive caregiver can also stand in as a Primary Care Provider for those people who don’t have one.


And patient satisfaction is high. Mitzi, a Medi-Share member, shared her experience:



Our program offers a blend of digital health and traditional health care services, including:


  • Primary Care and Chronic Conditions: Our network of health care providers and virtual care services ensure continuous patient care, even for chronic conditions, as long as they’re not severe. For more severe cases, members can visit the ER and pay one low provider fee and receive the care they need.


  • Follow-Up and Video Conferencing: Schedule follow-up consultations and video visits with health care professionals easily.


  • Access to Health Information: Manage your medical records, health information, and any test results securely through our patient portal.


  • Innovative Technology in Health Care: Utilize digital health tools like wearable devices for monitoring vital signs like blood pressure and get real-time updates on your health records.


  • Quick Access to Telebehavioral Counseling: Schedule appointments seven days a week, all from the comfort of your own living room.

For an overview of the Medi-Share program, including details on primary care providers, telehealth services, telebehavioral health and other member perks that work for your family!



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