So You Think You Don’t Need Health Care?

Aug 28, 2020

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Do any of these scenarios sound like anyone you know?


Maybe you’re young and healthy, just starting out on your career path, or scrimping and saving every penny you can. You might reason that you can’t afford health care right now.


It could be that you feel financially secure at the moment and aren’t worried about how you’re going to pay for your next doctor’s visit.


Perhaps you prefer holistic methods and having a healthcare plan has never been a priority for you. You have your own way of managing sickness.


Any of these scenarios sound familiar?


Or maybe you don’t really have an excuse. It could be as simple as, “I don’t need a health care plan. I’m good. No use spending my money on something I don’t need and won’t use.”


But here’s something to seriously consider: stuff happens.


Unfortunately, we never know when a catastrophe will occur. The next unforeseen accident could be just around the corner. Are you prepared?


What if there was an affordable health care option that also provided peace of mind for you and your family in times of need? Christian health care ministries offer just that! Medi-Share is a Biblical health care  alternative that has saved members more than $7 billion since it was founded in 1993.


Consider these three stories from Medi-Share members and then ask yourself the question, “How can I afford to NOT have healthcare?”


Kids are kids

“I am a Mom of six kids. Big families sometimes encounter medical emergencies, but this past 18 months have been unprecedented for us. It started with our 8-year-old breaking a femur in a motorcycle accident. Four months later, our two oldest both experienced major tibia-fibula fractures in an accident. After some surgeries and recoveries, we were doing well. Then our 4-year-old swallowed a penny and required emergency intervention to dislodge it.

Needless to say, our medical expenses that year were high. Medi-Share members took care of it all after our annual household portion was met. Christian Care Ministry took care of all the hassle of negotiating the bills and I had very few calls to make. Then, just four months after the penny incident, my husband crashed his snowmobile and broke six vertebrae, requiring emergency services, hospitalization, surgery, and now rehab. Again, we are counting on Medi-Share. We are so grateful to our Christian brothers and sisters who give to the ministry so faithfully every month to help families like ours. You are such a blessing to us amidst all these unforeseen circumstances. Please know that your faithfulness and God's mercy are evident in Christian Care Ministry.” – Christine C.


Sometimes, you fall off a ladder

“While cleaning our gutters last June, my 12-foot orchard ladder collapsed due to the wet decking under it and I was sent plummeting down from over 10 feet up! Landing only on one leg, it shattered my left ankle on impact. Due to the fact that both bones (tibia and fibula) were broken and the bones were exposed, we called 911; a first in our household!

That was the incident that led to an incredible journey God had for our family over the next 10 months. After five surgeries that involved debridement, external pins and rods, a muscle and skin graft (from my right leg), and finally metal plating and bone grafting of the fracture site, I am finally, by His grace walking again. After being bed-ridden for weeks then in a wheel chair, walker, knee scooter, and finally a cane, I am now walking on my own, but still leaning heavily on my Creator!

My wife of 37 years, in her own patient way helped see me through as well, using her nursing skills to keep me infection free, my hopes up, and my mind focused on Him. Medi-Share also walked this journey with us. As medical bills started rolling in and my ability to work was severely hampered, our Christian friends shared all these incredible expenses. God is good - ALL the time! His family proved invaluable to us through this entire experience, even ending every phone call with a prayer. What encouragement! We can certainly see the Lord's guidance and the lessons He had in store for us through what others might call an ‘ordeal.’ We now feel more connected to Him, each other, and certainly the family of God, both here and abroad. THANK YOU Medi-Share for helping orchestrate this incredible work!” – Mark D.


You get hit by a truck… no, really!

“Due to changes in employment, my family switched from brand-name group coverage to Medi-Share in 2015. My wife was very skeptical, but I was certain, after much prayer, that the program was right for our family. On June 30, 2016, I was hit by a half-ton pick-up truck at a high rate of speed while training for a long-distance cycling event like several others I had competed in over the last 10 years. After 21 days in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility, multiple neck and back fractures, a complicated ankle fracture, a trauma surgery, multiple severe lacerations, a reconstructed knee, and other various minor injuries, I am happy to say that I have been declared a miracle by all of the doctors and nurses that I have encountered over the months. Within six weeks of the accident, I was able to walk (with the aid of crutches and wearing neck and back braces).

I recently experienced blood clots in my leg after the knee reconstruction surgery, and despite it all, we have felt nothing but blessed by the Medi-Share family and support that we have received during the recovery phase. One particular instance stands out in our minds. While on the trauma floor at the hospital in the days following the accident, we called Medi-Share to inquire about coverage and questions pertaining to our situation. Our customer service rep was so kind and asked if she could pray with us. She led us in a prayer, which we shared on speaker phone with a room full of guests, hospital workers, and family. There wasn't a dry eye in the room as we ended that phone call. We are so thankful for everything Christian Care Ministry has done for us during this time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your caring ministry!” – Ben D.


Do YOU have a “stuff happens” story? Let us know in the comments!



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