What is Medi-Share?

Oct 12, 2016

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 - Updated March 2024
Medi-Share is Faith Based Medical Cost Sharing.
It's Not Insurance
Medi-Share is not “Christian insurance.” Rather, it is a health care sharing program facilitated by Christian Care Ministry (CCM) a not-for-profit organization. Our community of believers voluntarily comes together to share the cost of one another’s medical bills. Members choose to provide medical reimbursements for each other based on member-voted guidelines. Although there is no guarantee of sharing, Medi-Share members have faithfully shared each other's medical bills for more than 30 years, trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need through the voluntary gifts of other believers. Since 1993, more than $7.8 billion in health care costs have been saved through sharing or discounting.
Beyond Insurance


Beyond Insurance


Medi-Share is rooted in biblical principles, fostering a strong sense of Christian community. It's not just about sharing medical bills; it's about members praying for each other, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging preventive care. Members experience a deeper connection through Medi-Share, embodying Christ’s teachings of mutual support and care. This system stands apart from for-profit insurance companies as it emphasizes spiritual and emotional support alongside financial assistance. 


A Commitment to Christian Values


Medi-Share strives to align with Christian values. We offer members a God-honoring choice in health care cost management. We want your health care dollars to contribute to a system that upholds Christian beliefs, avoiding support for medical choices that contradict your faith, such as abortion and certain prescription drugs. 


How Medi-Share Works


Members have their own household Sharing Accounts, contributing their monthly share amount based on factors like age and chosen Annual Household Portion (AHP). This monthly share amount is similar to a monthly premium you would see in the insurance world, but Medi-share takes steps to keep the monthly share amounts affordable. Medi-Share's structure allows for sharing of eligible medical bills, including doctor visits, emergency room fees, and even some prescriptions. The process, often called "publishing" the bills, involves CCM facilitating the electronic transfer of funds between members’ accounts to satisfy these expenses. 


Members joining Medi-Share are not just participating in an alternative health care program, they are becoming a part of a community that values spiritual alignment, mutual support, and responsible, healthy living. These unique aspects distinguish Medi-Share from health insurance and resonate deeply with members who seek a health care approach that aligns with their Christian faith. 

Take the Next Step with Medi-Share


Are you ready to explore a health care path that aligns with your Christian faith and values? If the unique blend of faith, affordability, and community care resonates with you, we encourage you to take the next step. 


Join Medi-Share today and be a part of a community that shares more than just medical costs - a community that shares faith, support, and love. 




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Medi-Share Is A Community Of Like-Minded Christians

Medi-Share is an innovative health care solution for Christians looking to save money without sacrificing on quality.