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Dec 11, 2023

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A Complete Overview 

Medi-Share is a Christian health cost-sharing program offering affordable health care with some limitations on pre-existing conditions and preventive care.                     


Choosing the right health care program is an important decision that can affect not only your financial stability but also the overall well-being of your family. Today, we dive headfirst into exploring an alternative health sharing model reshaping how some people approach health care with Medi-Share 


Rooted in community values and Bible-based principles, Medi-Share is a health care sharing ministry that offers up cost-saving advantages and a sense of community for its members. But like any health care model, there are some nuances you should be aware of before deciding on a health care option that is right for your family.


Medi-Share is a health cost-sharing program where members share in each other’s medical expenses by paying a monthly fee. This model, by design, aims to ease the financial burden of health costs while fostering a sense of community among the participants. While it might seem similar to health insurance, it's important to understand that it operates quite differently. This form of health funding can be a game-changer for financially stable families who can manage routine visits out-of-pocket and maintain a solid emergency fund. 


However, families with unpredictable health-related costs might find it challenging to navigate the specifics of a Medi-Share program. We invite you to join us as we explore this alternative health care model, understanding its impact on families and determining whether it might be a suitable choice for you and your loved ones. 


When deciding whether Medi-Share is the right choice, it's important to consider both its unique advantages and potential challenges. On the one hand, this health-sharing ministry provides an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance, allows members to be part of a like-minded Christian community, and encourages members to lead healthy, biblically aligned lives. 


On the other hand, limitations concerning pre-existing conditions and preventive care are vital considerations. The key lies in balancing the financial benefits and the community-focused, faith-based approach of Medi-Share with these potential challenges. 


Deciding on a health care approach is a personal decision heavily influenced by one's health needs, financial situation, risk tolerance, and personal beliefs. Medi-Share offers an unconventional, community-driven approach that requires careful consideration. In the last 30 years, Medi-Share has served hundreds of thousands of members across all 50 states and shared in over $50M of medical costs every month.


Medi-Share is for people who want affordable access to quality health care and a Christian community they can count on. If this aligns with your beliefs and health care needs, consider exploring more about how to join the Medi-Share community. It could be the alternative health care solution you've been searching for. 


The Foundation of Health Care Sharing Ministries 


At the heart of health care-sharing ministries like Medi-Share lies a commitment to faith-based community support and mutual aid. The primary function of these ministries is to provide a platform where members can share each other's health care costs, creating a cooperative, self-sustaining network rooted in Christian principles. 


Unlike health insurance, health care sharing ministries make monthly share payments that go directly toward satisfying the medical expenses of other members. These share payments typically allow members to save an average of up to $500 a month on health care costs, but it's important to remember that these ministries are not insurance and as such are not required to share in all medical procedures. Eligibility of procedures is determined by Medi-Share’s member voted guidelines.   


The absence of a deductible is another key feature that distinguishes health care sharing ministries from health insurance. While most insurance plans have a per-person deductible to meet before they start covering your costs and even when the deductible is met, the remaining costs are only partially covered. Alternatively, Medi-Share offers an Annual Household Portion (AHP). The AHP is the out-of-pocket amount you pay per household for eligible medical bills for the year before your fellow members start sharing in eligible medical costs. Once your AHP and/or maximum Co-Share is met, eligible medical costs are shared in 100%.  


How Medi-Share Works 


Becoming a member of Medi-Share begins with an application process that includes lifestyle and statement of faith agreements. Once you join, you make your monthly share payment which is used to pay for other members' eligible medical needs.  


You might be wondering what potential savings come with a Medi-Share membership. As a Medi-Share member, you can often end up paying less per month than non-subsidized health insurance options. However, these savings can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size of your family, the AHP you choose, and your overall health. 


Understanding the nuts and bolts of Medi-Share boils down to understanding its core values - community, mutual aid, and a commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle based on Biblical values. The financial aspect is just one side of the coin. The sense of being a part of a faith-based community that supports each other in times of need is what truly sets Medi-Share apart. 


Cost Analysis: Medi-Share Vs. Health Insurance 


An important factor in any health care decision-making process is cost. By comparing the financial aspects of Medi-Share and health insurance, it's possible to gain a clearer understanding of where the potential benefits and drawbacks lie. 


With health insurance, your monthly premiums, copays, and deductibles are determined by the plan you choose. There's an obligation to cover certain health costs, but these often come with high out-of-pocket expenses until you meet your deductible. On top of this, regular doctor visits and prescription drugs can come with additional co-pays. 


On the other hand, Medi-Share operates on the concept of sharing medical costs among its community of members. It utilizes a structure where you pay a monthly "share" amount. However, it's important to remember that, unlike traditional insurance, Medi-Share does not guarantee sharing in all medical costs. The medical expenses eligible for sharing are subject to the guidelines of the program, focusing primarily on unforeseen and large health events rather than routine care. 


Health insurance also offers opportunities to further reduce medical costs. For instance, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is another option that helps you save on taxes and accumulate funds for medical expenses. 


While Medi-Share does not offer an HSA, they do partner with Careington to provide significant discounts on prescription, vision, hearing expenses, and more. 


This comparison is not an apples-to-apples scenario, as the models of insurance and Medi-Share are fundamentally different. A host of testimonials from Medi-Share members can provide real-life insights into the experiences and blessings of participating in this health care-sharing program. 


Medi-Share Reviews From The Member Perspective 


When evaluating Medi-Share, reviews and testimonials from existing members can provide valuable insights. These firsthand experiences often paint a comprehensive picture of all that being a Medi-Share member entails. Commonly highlighted positives include the sense of community, lower costs compared to health insurance, and alignment with Christian values. 


One of the key components of Medi-Share is its medical provider network. Member testimonials often praise the extensive range of medical providers accessible through Medi-Share’s preferred provider organization (PPO) network*, which ensures the quality of care across a broad spectrum of medical specialties. However, just as with health insurance companies, members should verify that their preferred health care providers are part of the network. 


When it comes to the bill-sharing process, Medi-Share makes it easy! Providers can submit member medical bills directly to Medi-Share, which negotiates discounts and coordinates the sharing of costs among members. However, out-of-pocket costs can be unpredictable, as they are dependent on the number and nature of medical needs within the community at any given time. 


*PPO Network applies only to Medi-Share Complete




Joining the Medi-Share Family 


The first step in becoming part of the Medi-Share family is understanding the application process and membership details. 


Medi-Share doesn’t have specific open enrollment periods like health insurance. You can apply to join at any time. The application process involves a review of the applicant's lifestyle, faith commitments, and overall health status. 


A key eligibility requirement is a commitment to a biblical lifestyle. This includes regular church attendance, abstaining from harmful habits like tobacco and illegal drugs, and leading an overall healthy life. Regular check-ups are encouraged to promote health maintenance and early detection of potential health issues. 


Once joined, new members gain access to various perks. One major advantage is the availability of telehealth services. These allow you to consult with a medical professional online, any time of the day or night, at no additional cost to the member. 


As a non-profit, faith-based alternative to health insurance, Medi-Share offers an opportunity for members to not only share each other's burdens but also connect in prayer and community. Medi-Share isn’t just about health care; it’s a ministry-first approach that allows members to care for each other in the spirit of Christian love and fellowship. 


If you value these principles and are looking for a more community-centered approach to healthcare, consider discovering the difference of Medi-Share 



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