4 Reasons Why Christian Healthcare is a Blessing

Aug 12, 2014

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Christian healthcare sharing is a blessing

Hundreds of people have experienced firsthand the blessing of our Christian healthcare sharing program, Medi-Share. But what is it that sets us apart from the rest? These four Medi-Share members are a great testament of what can happen when Christians come together to share in each other’s burdens and the ways in which our Christian health ministry continues to go above and beyond for its members.


Christian Healthcare Sharing Provides Support For Family

“Last year, I felt the Lord's direction to homeschool our youngest son for one year. However, it meant the loss of income and of insurance. Fortunately, we are a healthy family. However, with the national changes in insurance, our cost options for a minimal coverage was astronomical. Our daughter (and ironically, our insurance agent) suggested a Christian healthcare program. We have been so pleased with whole idea of Christian Care Ministry. We like the idea of healthy living being stressed, as well as sharing needs.”

- Sherri H.


Monthly Sharing is a Blessing

“Our family has been with Medi-Share for two years and LOVE IT! May 2012 found my husband coming back to the farm full-time, which meant losing the healthcare that came with his off-farm job. We felt God had called us to spend more time together as a family and run the farm in a more excellent way, but it was going to cut into our finances and specifically benefits. One day during this process, we heard a radio spot about the Christian healthcare sharing program, Medi-Share, and signed up! Jehovah Jireh- our provider.


Since then we have had two broken arms from soccer and playing in the snow, and each was handled efficiently and professionally. We love that sending in our share each month doesn't feel like paying a bill but rather sharing a blessing. We are encouraged by every phone call because it ends in powerful and effective prayer- prayer that ministers healing and blessing. Thank you, Medi-Share, for blessing our family and giving us the opportunity to bless others.”

- Corinne D.


Medi-Share Provided for the Birth of My Son

“My wife and I had our second son, Seth, two months ago. They are both doing well and we are so happy with the family God has given us. We want to say thank you to CCM for really coming through as a Christian health ministry for us. Seth's birth required a c-section, and this was the first child we've had while with Medi-Share. We were nervous about how it would all play out financially, but you really came through! Our total bill would have been around $20,000 but we haven't had to pay anything over our household portion. We've been with Medi-Share for about two years and have been happy with it, but after this experience with the birth of our son, we're fully sold on this great Christian healthcare sharing program. Thank you for this blessing to us and so many others.”

- Nathaniel R.


Healthcare Support and Prayer from Fellow Believers

“I'm a wife and mother of a 2-year-old daughter and a 3-month-old son. I have heard of Christian healthcare sharing for years, and we finally joined Medi-Share this year and I'm SO thankful that I did. My little boy was born 6 weeks early and was in the NICU for 5 days. He was big for being that early and only needed oxygen and an IV for the first couple days. It was very difficult for me to leave the hospital without my baby, but he's healthy now and growing fast! God is so good to us and we are so thankful for our fellow believers who are sharing in our medical needs through Christian Care Ministry’s Medi-Share medical bill sharing program!”

- Shay B.


Experience Financial and Spiritual Support through Christian Healthcare Sharing!

Experience the support of our Christian healthcare sharing program for yourself – not only will you have access to affordable healthcare, but you will become part of a community of like-minded believers as well: fellow Christians who pray for each other and work together to share in each other’s burdens. Find out more about our program by contacting a representative at (800) 772-5623, or apply for Medi-Share Christian Healthcare Sharing today!


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