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It’s #SharingHopeSunday and we are so grateful for all of the encouraging feedback we’ve received from members. Thank you so much for warmly receiving each story as well as sharing it with your family and friends. We are so grateful that we have been able to collaborate with thought leaders from a variety of fields to create meaningful messages. As we look back over the past several weeks, we see engagement trends emerging, and if Sharing Hope was an album, these would be our Greatest Hits:


  1. Trust in the Promises of God
  2. Anger & Forgiveness
  3. Be Still & Know
  4. Already Loved
  5. The Importance of Our Perspective
  6. A Table in the Wilderness
  7. Don’t Waste the Pain
  8. We Need Each Other
  9. Patience in the Process
  10. The Call of God

What a soundtrack! We are so thankful to all of our guests who freely and graciously shared insights from their hearts, lives, and experiences. Largely because of your response and feedback, we will continue to build this resource in a way that is supportive and meaningful. In the days ahead, may we all continue to look for ways to keep sharing hope and be a source of light and blessing in the world.

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