Is It Possible to Experience a God-blessed Future?

Feb 10, 2022

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We’re featuring an episode from the Chasing Elephants podcast hosted by our friends at Student Leadership University (SLU), one of our National Outreach partners. For over 25 years, SLU has invested in the lives of over 255,000 students from around the nation. Student Leadership's mission is to develop and equip student leaders to Think, Dream, and Lead. This is done through instilling future-tense thinking, character-driven decision making, ownership of biblical values, and a commitment to influence through service.




Each year SLU hosts the LIFT Tour which is a world-class weekend experience that challenges students at all points in their spiritual walks to embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle. The 2022 LIFT Tour theme and the featured podcast episode explores what is possible in God’s kingdom. Is it possible to experience a God-blessed future? What is possible for us to accomplish for the glory of God? 


A lot has happened throughout the pandemic, and the 2022 theme of Possiblilities is geared at reminding students that God is still sovereign no matter our circumstances by investigating the story of Abraham and Isaac.

  • When your circumstances are good, it can be easy to forget God.
  • True faith is shown when you don’t know what the end result will be.
  • We have so much to look forward to as Christians! This life isn’t all there is.
  • Nostalgia and remembering the past isn’t bad, but don’t stay there. We need to reimagine our future and what is possible with God.
  • It’s possible to experience true love from our God.
  • God wants us to trust him with what we love most in the world.
  • God’s story for us is so much better than ours.

Key Quote

“It’s not real faith if you know the provision. But, it is possible to love and trust God so much that even in the midst of great sacrifice you can choose to follow God because you know his word will not return to you void.”


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The Final Word 

Whether your current circumstances feel bright or bleak, remember that God is sovereign. He knows and he cares. Soak up the wisdom from Proverbs 3:6, "Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.'"

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