How Does Maternity Sharing work with Medi-Share?

Nov 25, 2020

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Revised February 2023

You need to hear about Medi-Share's maternity care. Prenatal and postpartum care is shared in - eligibility is based on Christian community principles. 


Understanding Maternity Care with Medi-Share 


At the heart of Medi-Share is a community that deeply values the gift of life and the joy of family. With a commitment to support one another, especially during the life-changing experience of welcoming a new baby, Medi-Share offers a unique approach to managing maternity medical bills 


Our God-centered health care sharing ministry provides an alternative to health insurance, focusing on shared values and community support. In this article, we'll explore how Medi-Share handles maternity needs while remaining aligned with Christian principles. 


Does Medi-Share Share In Pregnancy? 


Yes, if you are eligible*, Medi-Share provides extensive sharing for maternity care. Let’s look at some specifics, so you know what to expect if you are enrolled in Medi-Share or considering joining before becoming pregnant. 


Prenatal and Postpartum Care 


Medi-Share strongly emphasizes both prenatal and postpartum care, recognizing the importance of comprehensive health services during and after pregnancy. Maternity medical events eligible for sharing include regular checkups, necessary tests and screenings during pregnancy, and essential postpartum care, ensuring that mothers receive the support they need throughout their pregnancy journey. 


Doctor Visits and Checkups 


Medi-Share’s maternity sharing includes regular doctor visits and checkups to monitor the health of both the mother and the developing baby. These visits allow for timely detection and management of potential health issues, ensuring a safer pregnancy and delivery process. 


In-Network and Out-of-Network Provider Options 


Regarding provider options, Medi-Share members have access to the Private Health care Systems (PHCS) network or First Health network, depending on your state of residence, which includes a wide range of in-network health care providers.  


Choosing an in-network provider often means lower out-of-pocket costs and streamlined billing processes. Medi-Share also allows members to seek care from out-of-network providers, which might result in higher out-of-pocket expenses. Members are encouraged to carefully consider their provider options to maximize their maternity sharing while managing costs effectively. 


Eligibility Criteria for Maternity Sharing 


Understanding the eligibility criteria for maternity sharing in Medi-Share is important for members who are planning a family or are already expecting.  


To be eligible for maternity sharing, Medi-Share members must actively participate in the health share program from the month of conception through the month of delivery. Medi-Share's guidelines also specify that the child must be conceived within marriage for maternity costs to be shareable. This requirement aligns with the ministry's Christian values, emphasizing the sanctity of marriage in the context of family and childbirth.  


Once eligibility is determined, the team at Medi-Share is ready to help guide you through the next steps of your pregnancy journey. 


Medi-Share maternity sharing encompasses a wide range of maternity-related expenses, including the costs associated with delivery and any complications that may arise for the mother or child. For additional information on our offerings and insight into eligibility and maternity caps, please review our member guidelines 


Pre-Existing Pregnancies 


If a member joins Medi-Share while already pregnant, the pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition and is not eligible for sharing under the maternity sharing guidelines. 


However, Medi-Share provides an important provision for the newborn. If the child is added to the member's household account within 30 days of birth, the newborn’s medical expenses become eligible for sharing. This ensures that even if the pregnancy is not shared in, the newborn’s medical care can still receive the support of the Medi-Share community. 


Newborn Eligibility for Health care Sharing 


Medi-Share extends its support to newborns and young children, offering sharing programs for routine well-child visits up to the age of six. This includes necessary checkups and immunizations, ensuring that children in Medi-Share families access much-needed health care services during their early years. 


Maternity 1-4



Sharing in Home Births by Medi-Share 


Medi-Share extends its support to newborns and young children, offering sharing programs for routine well-child visits up to the age of six. This includes necessary checkups and immunizations, ensuring that children in Medi-Share families access much-needed health care services during their early years.  


Sharing in Home Births by Medi-Share 


Medi-Share acknowledges the choice of home births for expectant mothers and provides sharing under specific conditions.  


The sharing for home births includes the cost of midwifery services and other medically necessary expenses related to the birthing process. Again, if you are considering a home birth, contact the Member Services team for more information on the full extent of coverage and any applicable limitations or requirements of your particular situation. 


Professional Care and Safety Considerations 


For a home birth to be eligible for sharing, it must be attended by a certified midwife or a medical professional with the appropriate credentials. This requirement ensures that the birthing process is safely managed and that the mother and baby receive professional care. 


Medi-Share encourages its members to discuss their birth plans with their health care providers and to inform Medi-Share of their decision to opt for a home birth. This communication allows Medi-Share to provide appropriate support and ensures members are fully aware of the specifics of the coverage. 


Medi-Share’s Network and Health Care Sharing Model 


Medi-Share operates on a distinctive model that sets it apart from traditional insurance and Medicaid, emphasizing a community-based approach to health care within a Christian context. 


Medi-Share’s Health Care Network 


Medi-Share partners with a wide network of health care providers, including Private Health Care Systems (PHCS) and First Health, to offer its members access to a broad range of medical services. This partnership ensures that members have various options when seeking medical care. 


In addition to PHCS and First Health, Medi-Share has formed partnerships with other Christian health care organizations, such as Careington and GoodRx. These collaborations extend the discounts and resources available to members. 


Comparison with Traditional Insurance and Medicaid 


Unlike insurance companies, Medi-Share operates as a not-for-profit Christian health care ministry. Members will trade the traditional insurance model of fixed monthly premiums, copays, and deductibles in exchange for monthly shares, annual household portions, and the strength of a prayerful community. 


In Medi-Share’s sharing program, members monthly share amounts are used to pay for another members eligible medical expenses. This model promotes a sense of fellowship and mutual support among its members, embodying the Christian principle of bearing one another's burdens. 


This structure gives members more direct control over their health care spending than health insurance plans, where insurance companies often predetermine premiums, copays, and deductibles. 


Medi-Share’s model also facilitates transparency in health care costs, enabling members to plan and manage their medical expenses effectively. 


Adoption Support through Medi-Share 


Medi-Share's commitment to supporting families extends beyond traditional maternity care to include significant assistance for members who choose adoption. Let’s learn how Medi-Share aids in adoption-related expenses for members considering this path to grow their families. 


Shared Costs and Reimbursement Policies 


Members of Medi-Share can receive assistance with adoption expenses, which includes a sharing of costs up to a certain limit, depending on your family’s Annual Household Portion. This support underscores the ministry's commitment to life and family. 


The reimbursement for adoption-related expenses is conducted through Medi-Share’s standard sharing process, allowing members to submit their adoption costs for consideration under the ministry’s guidelines. 


Impact of the Annual Household Portion on Adoption Costs 


The support for adoption expenses is influenced by the member's chosen Annual Household Portion (AHP), which is used to help determine the extent of cost-sharing for various medical and family-related expenses under the Medi-Share program. 


For adoption expenses, members can receive sharing up to $4,100, which is contingent upon the level of their AHP. This means that members with a lower AHP may qualify for more of adoption cost-sharing resources. 


If you are considering adoption, make sure you speak with the Medi-Share Member Services team to learn how your specific AHP affects your eligibility. 


Medi-Share Enrollment Process 


Enrolling in Medi-Share is a straightforward process. Let’s look at the key steps and requirements essential for prospective members. 


  • Understanding Eligibility: Medi-Share has specific eligibility criteria rooted in Christian values. Prospective members must share the ministry's statement of faith and adhere to lifestyle standards consistent with biblical principles. 


  • No Open Enrollment Periods: Unlike insurance plans, Medi-Share does not have specific open enrollment periods. This flexibility allows individuals to join at any time that suits their needs. 


  • Understanding the Monthly Share: Members contribute a "Monthly Share" instead of a traditional monthly premium. Your share amount will be based on your age and household size. This share is deposited into a sharing account each month, directly aiding fellow members in covering medical bills. 


  • Selecting an Annual Household Portion (AHP): Similar to a deductible, the AHP is the dollar amount a Member Household pays toward their eligible medical bills during a 12-month period before they are processed for sharing. Members can select an Annual Household Portion amount during enrollment based on their particular needs and qualifications. 


Medi-Share for Diverse Health care Needs 


Medi-Share’s scope of coverage extends well beyond maternity care, addressing a wide range of health care needs in alignment with its Christian foundation. 


Broad Coverage Spectrum 


  • Emergency Room Visits: Medi-Share provides sharing options for emergency medical services, ensuring members have coverage in urgent situations. 


  • Self-Employed Health care: For self-employed individuals, Medi-Share offers a viable alternative to health insurance, often more aligned with their variable income and specific health care needs. 


  • Long-Term Care: While Medi-Share primarily focuses on immediate medical needs, it also addresses certain aspects of long-term care, ensuring members have support as their health care needs evolve. 


Christian Care Ministry’s Commitment 


At the heart of Medi-Share is the Christian Care Ministry’s dedication to integrating Christian values into every aspect of health care sharing. This commitment goes beyond financial assistance; it encompasses spiritual support and upholding a community of members who care for one another in keeping with biblical teachings. 


The ministry’s approach ensures that members receive medical care and spiritual and emotional support, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a faith-driven community.


Join Medi-Share Today 


If you're looking for a health care option that aligns with your Christian values and offers the support of a caring community, explore what Medi-Share has to offer and join a network of individuals who prioritize care, compassion, and shared values in their health care journey. 



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