Are You Raising Grateful and Generous Kids?

May 11, 2023

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Raising grateful and generous kids
In a time where entitlement and selfishness seem to be on the rise, instilling the values of generosity and gratitude in your children has become more critical than ever before. Children are worried, depressed, and lacking purpose in ways that previous generations have never experienced. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Raising grateful and generous kids is the hope of parents around the world. Raising children who are empowered and equipped to be world-changers is an amazing goal, but how can you do that in a world that is teaching them to be so self-focused? Here are some reasons why raising grateful and generous kids has the power to change the world:
  1. Gratitude and Generosity cultivate empathy and compassion: When kids are taught to be grateful and generous, they learn to appreciate what they have and to share it with others. This can help them develop empathy and compassion towards others, including those who may be less fortunate. This makes children kinder and more caring individuals and also helps them become better citizens.

  2. These values promote mental well-being: Studies have shown that being grateful can have a positive impact on mental health. Teaching kids to be grateful for what they have and to focus on the positives in their lives can help them develop a more optimistic outlook on life. This, in turn, will lead to improved mental health and well-being.

  3. Children need these essential life skills: Being grateful and generous involves skills such as empathy, kindness, and social awareness. These skills are not only important in personal relationships but also in the workplace and other social settings. By instilling these values in our children, we are preparing them to be successful and contributing members of society.

  4. Fosters a sense of community: Generosity and gratitude are closely linked to community-building. When kids learn to give back to their communities through The 7 Ways of Living Generously (Generosity of Thoughts, Words, Time, Attention, Influence, Money, and sharing Belongings), they are fostering a sense of community and connection that is essential for a joy-filled and meaningful life.
So, how can we raise grateful and generous kids? Here are some tips:
  1. Model the behavior you want to see: Kids learn by example, so it's essential to model gratitude and generosity in your own behavior. This can be as simple as saying thank you or expressing gratitude for the things you have.

  2. Teach the value of giving: Encourage your kids to give with the proven curriculum: Generous Students Homeschool Edition. This program inspires students to analyze their own hearts and minds, and then look outward at the countless opportunities we have each day to put love in action.

  3. Encourage empathy: Help your kids see things from other people's perspectives and understand the challenges they may be facing. This can help them develop empathy and compassion toward others.

  4. Focus on experiences, not things: Teach your kids that experiences are more important than material possessions. Encourage them to create memories and experiences with loved ones, rather than focusing on accumulating material possessions.
Raising grateful and generous kids is essential for their well-being and for building a world that is filled with joy and purpose. By instilling these values in our children, we are not only creating better individuals but also creating a better world for future generations.
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