4 Caregiver Tips to Navigate the Holidays

Dec 18, 2017

Reading time: 1 Minutes


By Medi-Share member and "Friends Sharing Friends" guest, Peter Rosenberger

Encouragement Series for Caregivers


For an increasing number of families, the holidays result in stress, drama, and conflict as they gather together to celebrate. Many families are faced with the issues of aging parents or loved ones who now have significant caregiving needs. With the massive baby-boomer population racing into their senior years, the conversation around many festive tables this year will turn to caregiving concerns.

In order to protect and cherish these family moments, here are four suggestions to navigating the holiday season, based on my experience as a caregiver for over 30 years.


1. Small household adjustments or pay that high hospital deductible — your choice...


To read all four tips, check out the full article, originally published on The Christian Post.


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