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Apr 12, 2019

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Hughes Family

Chances are, we have all felt the power of prayer in our lives. It was a cool December day in 2016 when Pastor Cary and Laura Hughes felt the life-changing power of the prayers of their community.


They welcomed their daughter, Mirra Grace, into the world and within hours experienced something they never could have imagined.




What the Hughes family couldn’t have known was that when they initially called on their church community to pray for Laura’s delivery on December 14, several Christian Care Ministry employees were part of that prayer chain. When Pastor Cary reached back out to his community for prayer as their daughter was being life-flighted to Orlando, those employees reached out to the broader CCM community to pray.


When the connection was finally made later that day that the Hughes family were Medi-Share members, a Member Services Representative was able to encourage Pastor Cary that CCM had already been covering the family in prayer and would continue to.


Praise God for Mirra Grace’s total healing, that all of her medical needs were shared by their fellow members, and for the power of prayer to a Mighty God!


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