The State of States: Navigating Exemptions

Nov 8, 2019

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Healthcare is a major policy issue in states all across the country. During this past legislative session, some states passed state individual mandates requiring residents to either have insurance or an exemption, or they will be subjected to a tax penalty. The following states passed mandate legislation with a health care sharing ministry (HCSM) exemption:


  • New Jersey (Members Exempt, effective year 2019)
  • California (Members Exempt, effective year 2020)
  • Rhode Island (Members Exempt, effective year 2020)
  • District of Columbia (Members Exempt, effective year 2019)
  • Vermont (Members might be contacted by the state to verify your health care choice, effective year 2020)


Gratefully, members of Medi-Share received their exemption or met certain allowable requirements in all of these states through prayer and member advocacy efforts.


Together, we made phone calls, sent emails, and testified in committee in an effort to educate elected officials about the important role Medi-Share plays in the overall health care approach for our families. This community that we are a part of is transformative, unique, and different from other healthcare options because we have a voice, we have a vote, and we have a community of prayer warriors.


As members of Medi-Share, it is important that you exercise your right to vote politically and during times in which we vote for membership guideline changes. When you participate and take an active role advocating for your beliefs and the people that represent them, you’re creating an environment that supports and uplifts God’s Kingdom.


If you have not signed up to be a Medi-Share Legislative Ambassador, do so by clicking here. Additionally, if you have not yet registered to vote in your next election or have recently moved, be sure to register to vote by visiting your state's department of elections website.


As a community that shares and prays for each other, we can stand united in Christ.



What social issues are you most passionate about and why?


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