The Season of “All Things New”

Jan 12, 2024

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New Year to-do list

It might be time to make a resolution about New Year’s resolutions. In a study of 200 people who made New Year’s resolutions, 23% failed in the first week and only 19% kept their resolutions stable for two years. With that in mind, maybe this year we should resolve to look at the new year differently. 


In fact, the word “resolution” itself might be part of the problem. A resolution, by definition, is simply a firm decision to do or not do something. And while it’s great to examine our lives and make decisions to change, the decision itself isn’t all that helpful unless we have an idea of how to make that change happen.  


So instead of a resolution, maybe it would be better to focus on the word “renewal.” After all, renewal is a Biblical concept.  


  • Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our minds. 
  • Ephesians 4:22-24 encourages us to be made new in our attitudes.  
  • Isaiah 40:31 says that by waiting on the Lord we renew our strength. 
  • Titus 3:5 reminds us that the Holy Spirit does the work of renewing us. 
  • 2 Corinthians 4:16 shows us that renewal happens consistently over time. 
  • Revelation 21:5 relates that Jesus will one day “make all things new.” 


Now it may be semantics, but in my mind at least, the thought of renewal is a lot more inspirational than resolution. By focusing on making “all things new”, I’m just joining Jesus in a work that He wants to do — both in me now and in the future to completion.  


So how can we go about accomplishing renewal in this new year? I think the first step is to pray, of course. Ask the Lord where He’d like to do all-new things in you. Once you’ve identified an area for potential renewal, then make a list of new things to try that might help you see change in that area — because it’s impossible to be made new by doing the same old things.  


Remember, renewal isn’t a resolution. Thus, a plan for renewal isn’t about setting mandates that will probably fail. It’s about trying all-new things designed to empower the change that you and the Lord want to see happen in your life. Some things may work; others might not. That’s okay! Renewal is a process that happens “day by day” (2 Cor. 4:16), so if one all-new idea doesn’t work, try a new one the next day.  


While it’s impossible for me to know exactly what area the Lord may want to renew in your life, here are a few all-new ideas based on some of our core values here at Medi-Share.  


All-New Health and Wellness Ideas


Look for non-exercise movement moments.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of increasing our non-exercise movement. We may have even made a resolution to park farther away or take the stairs. But let’s be honest — when life gets busy, we all end up taking the elevator!  


Instead, it might help to look for smaller moments in which to increase movement. Try some leg lifts while you brush your teeth or squats while you stand at the stove. Pace the room or do some light bicep curls while on a work call. All the little moments can add up to a lot of movement!    


Try a new form of exercise.

Often our fitness routine can fall into a rut of what’s familiar. But when exercise becomes boring, you’re less likely to want to do it, right? 


This new year, let’s renew our methods of exercise by trying new things. Instead of your familiar jog, grab a partner for racquetball. Instead of the same-old strength circuit, try kayaking or paddle boarding. It may help to make a list of new activities you’d like to try — that way when you feel a rut forming, you already have ideas to keep things interesting. 


Prioritize hydration.

Many people make a resolution to “drink more water”, and for good reason. National research indicates that on average men need 15.5 cups of fluids each day, and women need 11.5 cups of fluids each day. That’s a lot of fluid! 

Jug of fruit-infused water with drinking goals written on the bottle

But the Mayo Clinic says that not all of that fluid has to come in the form of water. With renewal rather than resolutions in mind, maybe this new year we could prioritize overall hydration over ounces of water. Reach for water-heavy foods like spinach, celery, and melon to up your fluid intake. Allow yourself to occasionally mix in vitamin-rich juice or sparkling water when drinking regular water begins to bore. It all adds up to better hydration!   



Try new nutritious foods.

Similarly, a lot of people resolve to “eat more veggies” each new year. While this is a great goal, it can feel like a chore when we stick to the same old vegetables over and over.  


Maybe this could be the year where we renew our palates by trying new nutritious foods. If your packed lunches tend to include carrot sticks and apple slices (like my family’s), try switching to snap peas and grapes one week. If you’ve never tried beets, look up a new recipe to weave them in as a side dish one night. Trying new things might make healthy foods more than something we merely “check off” in the new year.  



All-New Finance Ideas


Level up your savings.

New year aside, most of us see the value in saving more all the time. If we want to see that happen as part of a renewed lifestyle, it might be good to ditch the “save $50 each month” resolutions and instead focus on upping your savings level. 


If you currently don’t have a saving plan, strive to get an emergency fund of three months’ salary in place. If you already have emergency savings aside, work on building a long-term savings account with higher yield. Next, you could work on diversifying with some mutual funds or investments. A larger, level-up perspective can renew your thoughts in regard to savings long term.   


Increase your financial knowledge.

Sometimes the fuel for lasting renewal is simply an increase in knowledge. Consider scheduling a meeting with a financial advisor in this new year. Or, if that’s not feasible, try incorporating financial books, blogs, or podcasts into your routine. Some recommendations might include the More Than Money podcast, the Dave Ramsey blog,  and the Seedtime site, chock full of excellent resources.  


All-New Relational Ideas


Increase light connection points.

According to a quick online search, the most common relational resolution involves some variation of spending more quality time with your important people. But if you’re in a season where the calendar is already over-full, consider renewing your relationships with light connection points instead this new year.  


Maybe you could strive to send a non-informational, thinking-of-you text to one important person — spouse, child, friend, parent — each week. Or you could write a quick post-it note of encouragement and slip it in a loved one’s packed lunch. Being intentional about connection is always time well-spent, even if it’s just a few moments.  


Consider joining a new group.

If you have a desire to make new friends in this new year, it might be good to consider finding a group that shares your common interests. Perhaps there’s a Bible study you could join at church. Maybe there’s a pickle ball club in your area. If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill — pottery, welding, guitar — maybe you could find a class in your town. You never know where a new connection might be made! 



All-New Spiritual Ideas


Empower your scripture memorization.

If you’ve struggled with resolutions to memorize scripture in the past, maybe it’s time to take a new approach. Is there another person in your life who could memorize verses with you? Grace-filled accountability and encouragement can empower your memorization — and make it more fun!  


Or perhaps a new memorization app would help you renew that area of your spiritual life. I personally enjoy VerseLocker. The app allows you to memorize in any English translation and accommodates multiple learning strategies, including audio, visual, multiple choice, gaming, and more. 


Switch up your Bible study methods.

When quiet times become stale, you know it’s time for renewal. While a certain method of Bible study may have worked in the past — and will likely work for you again in the future — it’s not bad to switch study methods when needed. 


If you find yourself craving more intellectual knowledge of the Bible, consider doing a root word study. The Logos software/app is a great tool, as is the free Blue Letter Bible app. If you find yourself wanting to connect with the Word more on an emotional level, maybe it’s time to pick up a new journal or journaling Bible where you can be more intentional about recording how God speaks to your heart through scripture.  


Utilize multi-tasking moments.

If you’re looking for additional ways to renew your spirit but are short on time, consider using moments of “brainless” activity to your advantage. While you’re dusting the house, you might choose to enjoy a devotional podcast. While you’re on your morning commute, you could switch off the radio DJs and listen to audio Bible passages or worship music instead. Multi-tasking those moments of downtime can be a great boost of spiritual refreshment in the middle of the day.  



As we look to this new year, let’s focus on renewal rather than resolutions. No matter what area of life you’re looking to change, there’s bound to be a way to try something all new! 


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