Rethinking Health Care

Dec 24, 2021

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At Medi-Share, we don’t just provide our members with great, affordable health care; we are a community of believers committed to bearing one another’s medical burdens.


Many members can feel and see the difference when a medical need arises. For Medi-Share member Dom Robin, his family experienced the difference through the sharing of the births of his two daughters and later his own unexpected battle with stage 2 kidney cancer. Recently, the Robin family also welcomed a son into their family.


dom robin family pier


Medi-Share members Cary and Laura Hughes felt the difference in support and care when their 10-hour-old newborn experienced a severe stroke.


Each of these families received encouragement through prayer from fellow Medi-Share members and staff. Read more about their stories and the Medi-Share difference in the recent article “Medi-Share Members Have Faith in Health Care” from the Everything Brevard publication.


Have you experienced the Medi-Share difference? Share in the comments below and consider referring a friend to our community.


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