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May 3, 2024

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National Nurses Week is celebrated annually between May 6-12. The week-long celebration recognizes and appreciates the hard work endured and the worldwide impact nurses have. Additionally, the week highlights student nurses with May 8 designated as National Student Nurses Day. Medi-Share recognizes and celebrates nurses and those studying in the field nationwide.


Christian Care Ministry (CCM), which administers the Medi-Share program, employs healthcare professionals or advisors available to provide guidance and support to members regarding medical matters. This includes nurses who can offer assistance in understanding healthcare needs, navigating medical situations, or providing general medical input within the scope of Medi-Share’s Guidelines.


We interviewed a few of the nurses on staff and would like to highlight two here: Chelsea Lemon, RN Care Manager; and Patty Briand, RN Coach.


Chelsea Lemon

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always known I wanted to be in healthcare—specifically, in maternal/fetal health. It’s a passion I’ve always had and something I have consistently felt drawn to,” said Chelsea.


“I had been praying and looking for a new job for about six months before I found the job posting for CCM. As a former Medi-Share member, I knew it was a Christ-centered ministry and seemed like just the thing I had been looking for, and it was! When I completed the interview, I knew this was what I had been waiting for and it was even better than I had hoped for. What an answered prayer! 


“At one point after I started, I worked with a member whose wife had a high-risk pregnancy. Her case was dire and full of uncertainty. During my first call with him, he recounted all the events that happened and how scary it had been. At the end of the call, he burst into tears thanking me for listening to his story. His wife ended up having a miraculous recovery,” Chelsea recounts.


“That story stands out because it reminded me that our ability to love others well is not in having answers for their suffering, but by being an empathetic witness to their pain. As a nurse, my natural inclination is to fix something, but that is not always the most loving thing to do.  


“There is a quote by Maya Angelou that articulates my approach to nursing: ‘They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ If my Christian faith does not leave my patients feeling loved, supported, heard, and held, then it is lacking any real substance needed to impact others and make a difference in their lives.


“The biggest difference, for me, has been the support from my colleagues and supervisors. I have never worked in such an encouraging environment before! I know I can go to my co-workers and supervisors with questions or concerns, and I will be met with acceptance and helpful guidance. That has enabled me to navigate my role as a nurse with more confidence and assurance, knowing I have a safety net of support.  


Patty BriandPatty writes, “I was inspired to become a nurse to be part of the process of healing for the patients that I served. I also wanted to be part of their lives when healing did not take place, as with the hospice patients I cared for.


“Before coming to work at CCM, I was working for an insurance company and honestly needed a change as I could no longer accept the ideals that were being pushed on all the employees. God’s hand was absolutely in my job search and I was hired July 2023.


“Almost daily I am reminded of my passion and desire to work with our amazing Medi-Share members. Just today I was speaking with a member and he was just so incredibly grateful for the ministry and the follow-up calls and education we provide. I absolutely love being able to pray for healing and any other concerns members have. I am blessed by our conversations each day,” said Patty.


“My Christian faith reminds me daily that our Omnipotent God is the most amazing physician and healer. He has given us so much healing power within the foods we eat and through the providers that manage our members’ care. There is absolutely no comparison to working at CCM versus my previous roles. It is such an amazing freedom to be able to pray with co-workers and members, and to worship weekly as an employee body. Our faith sustains us personally and professionally.”


As National Nurses Week approaches, we reflect on the profound impact nurses like Chelsea and Patty have within the healthcare community. Their dedication to serving others, coupled with their unwavering faith, illuminates the transformative power of compassionate care.


Chelsea's moving recounting of a miraculous recovery and Patty's daily interactions filled with gratitude showcase the depth of connection fostered through nursing at Christian Care Ministry. Their stories remind us that nursing is not merely a profession but a calling—a calling rooted in love, empathy, and faith.


During this special week dedicated to honoring nurses, let's express our sincere gratitude to all those who tirelessly serve, uplift, and heal, exemplifying the compassion that defines the nursing profession. Do you know a caring nurse who has impacted your life? Honor them in the comments below.


Looking for an opportunity to use your God-given nursing gifts to serve other Christians? Keep an eye out on the CCM website for openings!

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