National Cancer Survivor Day: Tough Battles with Powerful Outcomes

Jun 3, 2021

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In honor of National Cancer Survivor Day this Sunday, we want to recognize our strong and resilient members who endured the battle of cancer. They have fought and now have beautiful and powerful testimonials of healing and redeeming grace to share and encourage others with. Read their journies of overcoming! 

I have been a Medi-Share member since 2012 and was diagnosed last November with thyroid cancer. I wanted to share what a HUGE blessing Medi-Share’s Care Management program was to me. When Kim first reached out to me, I had recently gotten my thyroid cancer diagnosis. I was actually sitting in front of my computer with my phone, researching endocrine surgeons and praying for wisdom to navigate what lied ahead. Her call was literally a touch from God for me at that moment. Kim was there for me when I really needed it -- on every level. In her whole attitude, tone, and perspective, she was not only compassionate and caring but unflinchingly confident that God would help us navigate a way through this, whatever came up. I say "us" because I felt like she was my partner to lean on while I walked through this valley.


For me, the hardest thing about the whole thyroid cancer thing was not fear of death or pain, but navigating the unknown and wanting to be a wise steward of my life and health. So God used Kim to come alongside me and provide encouragement and answers to my questions. I knew if she didn't know an answer, she would direct me to where to find it. She asked good questions to help me navigate the path forward. She prayed for me with understanding. She rejoiced with me when I had good medical reports. The gifts God has given her combined with her extensive experience as an RN made her an invaluable coach and support. She lived out Hebrews 12:12-13 for me in my time of weakness. You can't put a price tag on what Kim and the Care Management program did for me. And praise God, I am doing well! No sign of cancer at my last scan in February. God is GOOD, and He has shown His goodness to me through Medi-Share for nine years. My family and I are grateful! -Theresa N.

theresa n



Our family is beyond thankful for Medi-Share. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May (age 35), and because of the Medi-Share community, we could focus on getting through surgeries and treatment and not have the added stress of bills being paid. It was so uplifting having them pray with me every time we spoke, it gave me a sense of peace. My care manager Leah was amazing too! We are truly thankful and blessed to be part of the Medi-share family. -Crystal A.

crystal a



Praise God. I had surgery a week ago and I AM CANCER FREE! God has graciously given me my life back. I am so excited [to see] how He will use me in the future. I am very thankful for the body of Christ, and everyone who participates in the Medi-Share program. It has obviously been a God-send for me financially. I pray God's richest blessing on EVERYONE who has participated in the financial burden of my cancer treatment. Thank you!!! -Gary S.



In early 2017, our daughter Savannah was diagnosed with a rare Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her left upper jaw. We were devastated at the news of this aggressive type of cancer existing in the body of our previously healthy 10-year-old daughter. Through the whirlwind of tests and treatment plan, Medi-Share, for our family, was put to the test. Our earliest memories of that time included time on the phone with our care representative for contact and treatment updates. There were moments my wife and I were sobbing on the phone with someone from Medi-Share and EVERY SINGLE TIME we were met with overwhelming compassion and kindness. They would just listen patiently and then give the instruction we needed to get our daughter the treatment she needed quickly. Our time would never end on the phone without prayer. Through her treatment, we were surrounded by cards that would come in from others who shared our expenses and prayed for her and us. She endured 11 months of intense chemo and four surgeries, and today she is a cancer-free 13-year-old track/cross country runner. Look, when your daughter is faced with such a devastating diagnosis and your family's life has been turned upside down, and one of the things you remember most in those early days is [someone] letting you cry through questions or just listen to our fears and then pray with you, there is something so right with that organization! That's you! We have thanked God many times for you. -Chris T.

chris t


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