More than just a car repair

Mar 2, 2023

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March is national orphan care month. Often in our culture, the global orphan crisis and the domestic foster care crisis are viewed separately. While there are important differences, they share this same bottom line: children should not pay the highest price for the sins of a broken world. Without a champion, they will; they do, and that’s not OK.


One misconception about foster care is the majority of children in the system are victims of abuse. That’s not true. Sixty percent of the kids in state care are there due to neglect. They have parents who want to provide for their basic needs but are unable due to the pressures of poverty. 


Another misconception is that poverty is all about financial resources. Again, not true. Real poverty also manifests itself in a lack of community as Amanda, a single mom fighting for her family, shares in this 4-minute video:


CarePortal is a connective technology that drives action for local children and families in crisis. Meeting a need entered into CarePortal often provides opportunities for local churches to address the pressures of poverty and the lack of community. 


Sometimes a car repair is just a car repair. Other times, it’s an opportunity to form a relationship that becomes God’s vehicle of healing and hope.


Medi-Share is the nation’s leading Health Care Sharing program - which has transformed the way more than a hundred thousand families support one another’s medical care. Similarly, CarePortal is committed to becoming the nation’s leading Child and Family Welfare Care Sharing platform - transforming the way we love our neighbors in need. We won’t do it alone. That’s not God’s plan for ministry.


We are extremely grateful to Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share for supporting these types of CarePortal meaningful connections every day. Together, we can help reverse the foster care crisis in our country, one community at a time. Learn more and take action at


Trace Thurlby, 

President of The Global Orphan Project

Connected by CarePortal 

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