Member Moment: Christine Reyna’s Story

Jul 7, 2023

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Manuel and Christine Reyna at Christmas 2022

During an extreme medical crisis, Christine Reyna, a Medi-Share member in Texas says, “There was a comfort beyond what I can put into words due to having Medi-Share.”


When Christine’s husband, Manuel, decided to form his own company in 2010, the couple was disheartened at the burden of self-paying for medical insurance. Christine heard about Medi-Share, and it seemed like a good option for their family of four, so she signed up.


When family circumstances changed in 2017, Christine started looking into some other insurance options. In fact, she even started filling out paperwork to make a switch. But then, “God woke me up at 4:00am,” Christine says. “I felt like He was telling me that was the wrong choice.”


Five weeks later, again at 4:00am, Christine was awakened for a second time. She sensed that something was not right with Manuel. Though he was not acting distressed, she noticed that his arm was unusually extended and his fist was clenched. When she tried to get him to relax his arm, Manuel was unresponsive, so Christine called 911.


"I knew I wasn’t walking through it alone."


Praise the Lord that she did make that call — Manuel had a ruptured brain aneurism. The next hours, days, weeks, and months were full of things the Reynas never anticipated: a life flight, a craniotomy, a stay in the neuro-ICU, inpatient rehab, and various therapies.


On the way to the hospital that first day, Christine called Medi-Share, unsure of what she needed to do at that point. She was connected with Kim, a Medi-Share staff member who helped walk her through the crisis on a bill-sharing level and so much more.


Manuel Reyna in the hospital


“I can’t tell you how valuable that is when you’re in the midst of a crisis,” Christine says. “Every day they couldn’t tell me if he was going to live another 24 hours. It was that critical. When there’s a really intense situation, Medi-Share provides you with somebody who keeps up with you until that situation passes. Kim was my person.”


Christine says that Kim called her every day for six weeks, and then every other day in the weeks that followed. On the phone, they would cry and pray together. Kim was there to make sure Christine and her family were okay personally, spiritually, and logistically.


“I have a church. I have a lot of really great friends,” Christine says. “But I’m gonna tell you, Kim was the one who was there for me constantly. I knew I wasn’t walking through it alone.”


Christine spent hours upon hours in medical waiting rooms. The neuro ICU was a particularly difficult place, where statistics say that most people either never leave or endure life-altering changes. But Christine felt empowered to use that time to witness to others. “In my weakest moments, I was able to share the love of Christ with those who didn’t have the same hope and support I did.” She recalls praying with several people during that time. “Kim’s support and encouragement to me helped me be able to go into the waiting room and give that to others.”


The road was long and tough for the Reynas, and there were issues along the way, specifically with providers denying care. But Christine says that Medi-Share was in their corner, fighting for the care Manuel needed, getting bills paid according to plan, and even relieving the financial burden of monthly sharing for a short time.


“Who does that?” Christine exclaims. “Traditional insurance would not. They would drop you!”


Today Manuel is doing incredibly well, and the Lord restored his cognitive functioning — hallelujah! Because of complications with his heart, Manuel now qualifies for disability, but Christine remains a Medi-Share member, personally.


Then, when Christine had a health issue of her own last year, she knew her Medi-Share community would be there for her. In July of 2022, Christine woke up with stomach pain so intense that she couldn’t do anything but lie down. Her doctor diagnosed her with pancreatitis, which came as a shock. “I was in none of the high-risk groups,” she says. “I’m the picture of health.” And yet, she found herself needing to be hospitalized for five days.


Christine Reyna in the hospital


Still, she did not feel well. Despite numerous tests and medications, doctors could not figure out what was wrong. Months later, the intense stomach pain returned, and she had no choice but to go to the emergency room. There, doctors determined her appendix had ruptured. After an emergency appendectomy, she finally feels better today.


“I have spent this entire year sick,” Christine says. “But Medi-Share never hesitated to ensure everything was paid, after my Annual Household Portion. I never had to worry. They never said, ‘It’s too soon to go to the doctor again,’ or ‘You can’t have one of these tests.’ There was none of that.”


The Reynas have certainly endured quite a bit of physical suffering, yet their faith and hope remain strong. “I’m grateful for Medi-Share,” Christine says. “For the community and prayer support — I’m so grateful.”


We’re grateful for you, too, Reyna family, and we praise God for your story of endurance and healing!


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